Well, I'm not the richest alive so when I was looking for an acoustic guitar, I settled for a 300 dollar Fender CD-60CE. It is awesome, and I love it! Its great for the price. Just one question though. On the heel, the part that connects the neck to the body, there is a kind of faint line where the wood is a little lighter than the other spots. This isn't a crack, I had an experienced friend look at it. It came from the store like this. My friend says it's just the wood grain. Id upload pics of it but to be honest, it's too small to see. But anyways, the wood is like a dark color then the guitar heel has a kind of lighter stripe running down the middle. Is this just the grain? Its not a crack, so Im not worried, but Im just curious . Help please? The guitar salesman also looked everything over before he sold it to me and he didnt mention anything about it. It was new, it came in the box, and in the box, it was in the hard case. Thanks for whatever help you can give me!