Right, my Bugera V55's reverb has crapped out on me. This is the second time something's gone wrong with this bloody amp. It sounds great, but I'm getting annoyed of 2 hour long round trips to the store. I'm considering returning it.

I'm thinking about getting the DSL401. It's within my price range. $1500 max. And because it has useable high gain tones.

Versatility is the key to my setup - I really need nice cleans and a good amount of headroom (I understand I'm not gonna get Fender-esque cleans out of a Marshall, but I'm sure as hell not getting the Hot Rod Deluxe after hearing its lead channel).

So, what's the general consensus on this amp, guys? How are the cleans? What are the lead channels like? I'm looking for an amp that can deliver progressive rock and hard rock tones.
Would you rather keep your bugera? I don't even wanna keep my 333xl. Think man.

edit: yes the cleans are decent, not fender esque, but usable.
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Would you rather keep your bugera? I don't even wanna keep my 333xl. Think man.

Hahaha. I like my Bugera's sound. But the lead channel is noisy and not really gainy enough for nice smooth distortion, and it KEEPS FUCKING UP.
Yeah I think my amp just crapped out too. Good for the price range, but not in the long run. hah!
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The DSL 401 is a fine amp and should serve you very well. You can get plenty of great tones out of it.
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edit: yes the cleans are decent, not fender esque, but usable.

Are you kidding me? the cleans on the dsl's are awesome! Yeah fenders have great cleans but your getting completely ripped off if your willing to pay for one of their nicer amps. I think you'll be really surprised how good the cleans are. Marshalls tend to not be so hot in that area but this amp really stands out and they did an excellent job on that channel.

The lead tones are really solid on this amp as well. Its really known for being a very balanced amp and It can deliver plenty of gain for you as well ( I can think of a few prog metal shredders who have recorded with this amp and got really good tones).

You should be able to find one under 450 for sure, i know the heads typically go for 550 if you watch for a weak or two. I'd say go for it
I own a DSL401. The cleans are beautiful, not Fender clean, but lovely and warm. The amount of gain it provides is also quite surprising. Excellent amp, A++ would buy again.
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they do sound good but I'd be careful about how much gain you use. It wasn't me but we were sharing amps at a battle of the bands and EVERYBODY who used the ultra channel sounded thin and disgusting.

The crunch/clean channel sounds fantastic though and I'd say the ultra channel would be great too in the right hands (ie someone who doesn't want to dime the gain on ultra). Speaking of gain, if you dime the control for it on the clean channel that sounds awesome.
$1500 for a dsl401?!?!
maybe its not the same dsl401 (el-84?) but i saw one for about $400 used.
btw, i asked about this amp on another forum and it pretty much got flamed
i think the dsl50 gets much better ratings
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Australian prices, by the way.

my god, not only do you have the scariest spiders in the known universe (well, except for the iraqi camel spider), you also have outrageous import prices
why dont u buy it in the US and get it shipped to Aus. I heard people bought guitars in the US and got it shipped to Australia and it was still cheaper than in Aus.

Can u name some bands? There are many progressive rock and hard rock bands.

Another amp to consider is the blackstar ht-20/40 or the Bogner alchemist 112.
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never tried a blackstar.
used to own a JCM2000 TSL60 head. the cleans were quite nice. a lot of people say "they're not fender" but its like a whole different beast, why compare. they still sound great in my opinion. its kinda like saying a PRS cant do a les paul sound. the PRS can still kick the shit out of a les paul in various applications.
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If it's anything like the DSL100 head then I really like them! I picked one up a few months back for £300 and it was one of the best buys I ever made.

I gotta agree with whoever said it, but all the gain is not usable, not by a long way. I use the ultra channel for my punk tones, but only the ultra 1 channel and with the gain quite far down. Like this it sounds really good, but I would never use much more gain than this or it becomes far too loose.

Anyway, if you'll forgive my playing here's some clips that might help you out a bit

Cleans : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2298596/NGD%20Febuary%202010/Clips/Kryptonite.mp3

Bluesy Rock : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2298596/NGD%20Febuary%202010/Clips/Sunshine.mp3

Pop Punk : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2298596/The%20Randy%20Experience/The%20Randy%20Experience%20II/Complicated.mp3

I also had a AC/DC clip but the drums on that are even worse than those on Sunshine and I played it way too slowly (should've used a metronome )
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