God I haven't been on here in ages.

Wanted to see if you guys might dig my new band, Captain Overboard--Radio Earth!

Anyways, here is a link to our facebook


and out Myspace


We have around...14 demos for the album done now. We go into the studio this Summer. Critiques are welcome!

Here are two direct downloads to our newest demos.

Cigarettes and Time To Kill

*listening to Skullabye*

Like the guitar intro, quite interesting. Nice overall atmosphere in the intro. Vocally, I'm not really into the style, but your singer has a good voice. Heavier bit has just kicked in. I like where the reverb is killed, seems to add more presence, and seperates well between the verses.

To be honest, I prefered the more moody/atmospheric clean sections to the heavier parts, but I understand what you're getting at. The heavier parts feel a little too 'chuggy'. Recording quality is decent too. I also quite like the band name

Overall, I quite liked it. Probably not something I would choose to listen to, but I could certainly sit through and probably enjoy a set.

C4C? Follow the link in my sig

Love the name, and the graphics choice, bring back that retro feel (I'm a huge arcade geek).

First impressions on Nothing Left For Me. I like the garage type production actually. I've tried to achieve that for my punk band before and couldn't get it to sound as raw as I wanted. Musically it reminds me of At The Drive In (but softer) and The Mars Volta. Vocals are good, just not my cup of tea. I like the spacey phased out guitar towards the end, creates a great feel. I'm also a sucker for effects of course

Slopes, I like much more. The majority of it actually reminds me of something a younger Rivers Cuomo would have done, really pretty arrangement and the vocals fit it perfect. The ending definitely channels the ATDI frantic effect in my mind for some reason.

Slopes is my fav of the two. I like the style of the graphics and the links buttons too, haha, just though I would throw that in!

Thanks for listening man, keep it up! I could see stuff like this on the radio.