Im getting a job soon..so ill be able to get my First Guitar. I was looking at the Alexi 200 http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/73220 I Like it alot..would this be good for a Beginner? and for Ampwise i was looking at like a Roland Cube practice Amp.

Here are some of the bands i like:

Children of Bodom
Amon Amarth
Arch Enemy
For the first guitar, I'll tell you the same thing I'd tell any student. Forget worrying about getting something with great tone and forget getting something that looks hot. Get something that's easy to work with, easy to learn on and comfortable. Your first guitar should be bought from a shop and after you've had a chance to hold it. Preferably, take someone with you who already plays and is experienced. I've done this for friends of mine and it makes all the difference in the world - especially on that first guitar purchase.

For the amp, you can't go wrong with the Roland. It's not a gigging amp, but they're decent enough that you can definitely learn with them. When you're ready, go out and buy a better amp.
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I would strongly suggest against the Alexi Laiho or any guitar with a floyd rose(or a whammy bar as i guess you probably call it) that isn't a Fender or PRS. I say this because Floyd Rose(the tremelo unit you will see on most "metal" typed guitars) is hard to setup and tune and change strings and it'll be even harder if you're new and don't know much about guitar anatomy.

If you like metal, I'd suggest getting either an Epiphone Xplorer, a Fender Strat with HSS configuration(yes, Fender does sell strats under $1000) or getting a hard tail LTD or Schecter. Hard tail simply means it doesn't have a tremelo bar at all.

For the bands you like, I'd suggest an Epiphone or an LTD because they're both excellent guitars for their price(i got a $200 LTD EC-50 that i still play live) and they generally deal with downtuning quite well(as opposed to a Fender or Schecter, where too much detuning and retuning can just make it harder to stay in tune.)

So yeah, long reply but I'd say get an LTD or an Epiphone. It's your choice obviously, but a floyd rose is going to quickly make you hate guitars in general if you're a newbie. I'd also suggest Ibanez, but their hardtail guitars all kinda suck.
As a beginner I would say stay away from anything with a locking trem. They are more trouble than they are worth initially. Also, the V shape can be a little awkward initially to play sitting down.

The Roland Cube should be a good choice though as a good all around starter amp that can help you figure what sort of tone/sound you are after.
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Looks shouldn't be totally thrown out the door though, you're much more likely to stick with an instrument that looks good to you.
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I agree with all the above. You will need a floyd for the music you like eventually, but I would start with something that has a fixed bridge or a fender style tremolo. The Alexi isn't very versatile, and to be honest expecting to play technical death metal as a beginner is a little optimistic. You can still play those bands' music with other guitars that are more versatile (Epiphone, LTD, Ibanez)
If your new, stay the hell away from floyd rose. Itll chase ya off guitars faster than anything.
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Looks shouldn't be totally thrown out the door though, you're much more likely to stick with an instrument that looks good to you.

Agreed. However, for my first guitar, I'd sacrifice looks for a guitar with smooth frets, decent intonation, properly set action and stays in tune. Even if the guitar gets oohs and aahs, any one of the things I just mentioned will quickly kill your desire to play and learn if they're wrong and can't be adjusted.
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Quote by mtshark
Looks shouldn't be totally thrown out the door though, you're much more likely to stick with an instrument that looks good to you.

That's not true at all. If they don't like to play, they're not going to keep playing because their guitar has a V shape or something

I wanted an Ibanez RG really bad, but after my guitar teacher told me about the issues with a FLoyd Rose, I bought a cheap LTD and I kept playing. Eventually the style of the guitar started to grow with me so i have no regrets now, but had I bought the Ibanez, I woulda been screwed cause even now with a few years of playign i despise changing strings on my Ibby S(never did get an RG lol)

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As a beginner DEFINITELY stay away from guitars with locking trems. You really shouldn't be concerned with a trem anyway at that point in your playing, and if you want one you can buy a guitar later with one.

I would not recommend that as a first guitar just because it's so awkwardly shaped for a beginner. IMO you should start off with a more standard model shape, like a strat, LP or SG design.

Epiphone LP junior with high output pickup (If you just want to play metal)


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I say buy a used (or new) Yamama Pacific 112V for your first guitar. Yamaha has great QC even on their cheaper guitars so you won't get a guitar with crappy fretwork or other such issues. The HSS pickup config is also one of the most versatile allowing you to play any style of music. Whatever you buy, get it professionally setup.....and try and be there when it's getting done so that you can see what is done and why.
I would go with a FEnder Strat. It is easy to play because of the large frets and you can play a wide variety of musical styles with it due to both single and double coil configurations. That's my suggestion.