i wrote the music first and then came the words, but im too lazy to record it right now

Hello psycho
Be normal
Make the jump
Its no hurdle
My name is psycho
Im normal
My mind wont work
Its a portal

Comes from a ciggarette buzz
I am stuck to the couch fuzz
I dont know why i am normal
Glasses can see through tunnels

Now pick it up man this is for you
Deciding what to do
Alone in my nothing room
Living in a death
Dying in a wreck
Deciding what to do
Decide now psycho bloom

and i put on my make up
It feels so good
Spinning circles
Look at me
Crooked smiles
Rosey cheeks
See them dimple
Shiny teeth
Blinds the devil

Hello psycho
Be normal
Dizzying heights
Above the cycle
Catch the tadpoles
In a puddle
The sound of silence
Is muffled
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise

BRILLIANT. I love the word play. Would be curious to hear what kind of music you put behind this.
Jason Mraz, The White Stripes (Jack White), Nirvana, The Beatles, The Black Keys
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Dream it Over, Again
I didn't really like the second stanza; the rhyming and flow just didn't appeal to me at all.

I like the rest though; it's original, to say the least. I especially like the first stanza.

C4C? Both in my sig need it.