yeah so I'm buying my first big boy amp i already have a decent cabinet . so I'd like some suggestions on a head , I'm wanna try to stay within $1,200. and I'm looking for versatility i like to play it all.
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I think were gonna need something more specific for genres other than you like to play it all. other things like do you gig? where u live, willing to go used and other helpful bits of info are also helpful
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let me specify on some of those questions, not currently gigging but wouldn't mind the wattage to if i wanted to in the future, I'm only considering used (more bang for the buck). i live in the u.s, i need some nice high gain but i don't need like death metal gain and i little versatility with some warm cleans and some classic rock crunch, built in reverb would be a plus. i was checking out the tremoverb , a boogie or rivera has always been my dream amp
schecter s-1
nonfunctional flextone II
charvette - project guitar
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EDIT: Forgot the Splawn Quickrod and Mesa Stiletto amps as well.
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trem-o-verb or rivera ktre. those will be great for you.
you can find a trem-o-verb or a rect-o-verb right in or under your budget as well.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer