This is my first try at this board. I have here an ambient piece I am working on. I love spacey guitars and pedals are my best friend when I write. I do not know exactly what anyone else would classify it as so feel free to try here. The file is set up for the RSE because I try to emulate my pedals and take the file to band like that and play them on my laptop so the band can hear my idea. The MIDI might sound like crud so sorry for that in advance. But otherwise rip this apart for me. It's C4C of course
Oh, and one last thing; I just listened to the lead guitar by itself for the main theme, and it might be cool to have a part with just the lead, and little to no contribution from the other instruments.... just a thought.
Sorry guys, my power went out for a day and a half. I just got done listening to Metal_defender's. Straight out I have to say the drums were my favorite part. You can just tell there was a ton of work put into them. I do however think the song would greatly benefit from a solo or maybe a breakdown. But I've never been good with metal. It sort of reminds me of some sort of epic movie music. If you slapped in some orchestral strings it would be pretty sweet. And the lyrics are pretty sweet too. I just wish I knew exactly how they fit into the song.

herby190, I am listening to yours now. I like to listen to these things over a period of time to make sure I get everything I'm supposed to out of it.

I'm listening
I guess you wouldn't know this because you're new to this board; it's expected for return crits to be in the thread of the song you're critting. People don't always check the threads they've critted, plus your return crit bumps their thread.

You can just probably copy your crit of Metal Defender into his thread.
The cool part is I have listened to yours before I posted on here. My favorite is definitely Darling, This Is An Intervention. I just love the upbeat feel to it. I must say though, your use of the overlays is what really stands out to me. The ambience they create is awesome. I think it's really cool. I have a Headrush looper on my board so I am definitely going to delve into that realm. Maybe it'll start getting some use. I'm going to try to add some to mine but in a different sort of way that allows for emulation. I have a vendetta against playing things in a studio that I cannot emulate live. If I can't this song I will with the next I write. The verse in the one you linked to in your post, Yesterday, is interesting. I think the overlay for that would benefit from varying with the main theme instead of harmonizing and emulating the way it does.