i never really post on this site but i read through it all the time and i realize that there are many musicians on here who really know what they talk about and are a big help so thanks you guys first of all

secondly, i have recently started teaching my chick friend how to play guitar and i have realized that she has questions about chords that i cant answer, these questions are based on theory which i can honestly admit i have no idea about, i mean my technique is pretty good, but tabs are the only thing i know, i have tried to get teachers but my dad wont pay for it(jew) and i have no job im still too young

but anyway can you guys help me out and possibly step by step let me know what i need to know about theory, and if you do have a suggestion please be very descriptive not only for me but for other people also please

and thanks guys
Here's a good order:
- Intervals
- The Major Scale
~ Intervals IN the Major scale and how they relate to each other
- The Circe of Fifths
- Chord Construction

This'll work for now. Once you get here you can come back (or do what you want). This will give you a good foundation in, well, EVERYTHING you will come across later.
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both above posters gave a good idea on what to start with. I also recommend the Crusade articles on this website, its written in relation to guitar, which can definitely help if you learn it along side the lessons on musictheory.net
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