ok so i have one of those musicyo kramer strikers i got 3 years ago and now the floyd seems to be giving way.. the g string bridge saddle's worn out almost completely and if i abuse the thing with my whammy bar it slips out! and even if i diont use the whammy bar i gotta retune everyday. so i first thought of just getting the saddle replacement, but i tested the whole thing a couple of times and it looks like most of the strings are losing some amount of tune everytime i whammy. not too much, but a little. so should i still just get the bridge saddles or the whole floyd set? coz i need to get it from the US and aunts just come down every once in a while, so it may be a long time before they come here again..


thats the link for the saddle pieces.. and i looked around for whole floyd sets and i guess gotoh's are good and this site had a good price for them.. only thing is the sustain block (at 41mm) is a bit too long.. it'll either just about fit or ill have to not use the back cover or something. the part number is SB 5300-003



Drop a Graph-Tech Ghost Piezo loaded Floyd in it.
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well the whole thing costs like $400 if you want to use the piezo and shit, and ill need to give it to someone to fix or ill have to try drill holes myself and what not, which is a lot of work. anyways im not willing to spend so much on this guitar. rather save and buy a 7 later.