Hi guys,
Last weekend i found out that one of the pre amp tubes had died in my epi valve senior head. yesterday i've replaced it with a JJ 12ax7. Let it heat op for a while.
Turned standbyoff. And then! smoke, and cracking sounds. So i put the amp off in about 1,5 seconds. It was attached the right way to the ca:. 16@16 ohms. As i took the chassis carefully out of the head. i found out there was a capacitor blown to pieces.
Now, i only have it a half a year. So i hope musicstore will take it back for repair.
I haven't done any thing to it than replacing that one tube.
Do you guys have any theory about a blown capacitor?
Depending on the mode of failure and what capacitor it is, the tube could have fried it, or the capacitor could have been failing and fried the tube. Either way, the capacitor obviously needs to be replaced. Also, be careful when you change tubes to clean the pins with contact cleaner and make sure some gets in the socket as well to get good contact.
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