So my names Tracii (Yes I'm a guy) and I've been playing guitar for about eight years now. I have alittle home recording setup, and me and my band are about to start working on our first album, ever. We have everything written, except for the guitar solos...


In an effort to sort of "shape my style" I'm trying to find someone with songs already written and recorded who would let me try my hand at writing a solo(s) for it. I'm hoping that if I go into a song with fresh ears and a fresh mindset then it will help me with my own solos, if that makes since...

Check out my profile for influences and personal taste. I'll post some video's up soon.

Thanks for reading!
I can upload powertab of some weird chords I wrote a solo over if you like
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Nah, no thanks man. The whole idea is I'm wanting to be able to lay a track down and be able to listen to a finished product, you know? I had Powertab for awhile but don't have very much experince with it. Thanks anyways though.
Ok. But I don't see how you can lay a track down without writing it first anyway.
Inhuman evil take down!
Okay, maybe I should explain alittle more...

I'm basically looking for someone, like me, who recorded some stuff (Like a full song) and would let me take that song and write a solo for it, record it, then send it back to them for comments and criticism. I'm kinda needing the whole song, or atleast a pretty good chunk of it. I've tried writing solos and licks over chords before, I wasnt very good at that particular approach, haha.

Does that make sense?