I have some skull volume and tone knobs that I want to put on my new Jackson Dinky

The tone knob (I guess it doesn't matter which way they go lol but lets call it that) is fine, screws on and attaches ok.

The volume knob is a different story - it goes on, but is loose. The threads must be knackered inside the knob, because when I turn the screw and I look inside the knob it goes in fine, but as soon as it encounters any resistance (like the pot shaft) it doesn't tighten.

I've tried it on another guitar, same story, so definitely the knob.

I have no intention of glueing it on, because it's a brand shiny new guitar and I don't wanna mess it up, and they're too expensive for me to buy a new one! Had them too long to get an exchange or refund.

Any suggestions to how I can make it stay on without causing damage to my new beauty?


Is your pot like this? If so then just slightly split the 2 ends further outwards so that the knob fits on tightly without the use of the screw.
Hey guys
thanks for the responses
It's a brand spanking new guitar so I don't wanna glue it or risk breaking it in any way
(I glued the same knob very carefully on to my Warlock a while ago and broke the pot so can't be doing the same thing lol)

Any other possibles?