Im either gettin a bc rich stealth pro 7 strings, neck thru, wid emg n original floyd rose (1400$) for 900$. the 6 string is around 700$
I'l be gettin a dean razorback 2 tone, set neck, duncan sh 13 (dimebucker), licensed floyd 22 fret (1300$) for 900$

Guys im sellin my jackson wrxt to buy either one of these.. Plz advise me. I dont know which one to pick nd im buyin online.. *cnt try the guitars out.. nd my budget is 900$

The bc rich is rather cheap for all the hardwares it has n this is what bugs me.. or is dean over priced??

Help me.. critics n reviews wud be most welcomed.
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You can get better guitars with EMGs, Floyd Rose and Neck Thru than the BC Rich Imo.
I'd say the dean is the lesser of 2 evils, even though 22 frets.
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yea even id rather go for the dean..
think abt it. with the same money for a 22 fret 6 string passive pickup set neck im gettin an original rose, wid active pickups 7 stringer.. thr shud be a catch somewhr.. n thr is not much review on the stealth since it is a 2010 guitar..

fck.i dnt know. the stealth has so much good hardware..

n e one here can help? i mean i dnt want some turd who is comparing a low end razorback to a high end bc rich n comes blaberrin dat razorbacks play like balls..

fck this.
Well, the BC Rich's OFR is made in Korea so it's not 100% Original.

Anyway, the Rich seems like a solid buy.
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The BC Rich can afford to put an OFR instead of a licenced because BC Rich and Floyd Rose are owned by the same company.
Is there any particular reason why you want these two over say, any other guitars?

i own a jackson wrxt. n i need a guitar for shreddin within my limits of 900$.
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