1 .Hey how do you call these pedals with what u can switch your amp to clean and distorted ?
2. And is a fulltone fulldrive 2 mosfet a good boost pedal although it already has a boost section , but then i could boost TWICE

Thanks !
NO not stompbox ! , its line line selector or something i dont know , its just it turns ur AMP into clean and distorted mode .
1. its called a footswitch or channel switcher/selector.
2. the fulldrive is a good overdrive/boost pedal. What is your budget? are you using it as a boost to tighten up a metal tone?
1. ok ty ´
2. My budget is BIG i play mostly hard rock , so i thiink pretty much yes .
So .. if i am giging different places where are different amps , then i cant use a channel selector ??
nope the pedal is specific to the amp so you can't use a universal channel selector
Although, a lot of amps can use channel selectors with a latch/momentary switch. If you're looking for a universal channel selector, the BOSS FS-6 is one of the most versatile ones I've been able to use. Any amp with a jack lead style switch can be used with it.
ok . When i have a Fulltone fulldrive 2 mosfet and i dont have a decent tube amp then i cant get some good high gain sounds . So should i buy a distortion pedal next to my fulldrive or a boost pedal ?