Hey guys,

Its that time again - I'm looking to expand my pedal board. Currently I have wah, fuzz and distortion covered, and I'm looking into getting a delay of some description. I play mostly prog rock/rock stuff with some metal elements involved (Porcupine Tree, Muse, Karnivool, Feeder etc).

Trouble is i'm on a tight budget of about AU$110 (including shipping). At the moment I've identified only a few pedals that meet this range:

Ashton DL30
GFS Delay (whatever its called)
EHX Memory Toy (If I REALLY squeeze the budget to make it up to $140)

Money is tight at the moment and I don't have the realistic possibility of saving up (I'm not making any money on a weekly basis at the moment), so now I have some spare money it'd be good to get this sorted.

Any other suggestions or past experience with the above would be very helpful

tl;dr - Need a delay pedal for under AU$110.

Andrew Goddard of Karnivool uses a Boss DD-20
Mark Hosking of Karnivool uses a Boss DD-2
Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree uses a Boss DD-20
Matthew Bellamy of Muse uses a Line6 DL4

I would try and find a DD-2 on ebay.
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aparently its not analogue but it is probably the best delay for that price. i thought it was much nicer then the memory toy or memory boy. i personally have never heard anything nice come from an ashton but the pedal could prove me wrong. for your budget thats all i got.
i havent heard anything bad about the artec but i have never owned one so i can;t really comment on its reliability. at least if you have a problem with it you bought it from australia and the warranty issue is easily fixed. you dont even want to know what i went through with death by audio just to get a working pedal.