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Well since customizing seems to be the latest trend these days the idea has come up that we have a thread to display everyone's guitar projects, whether it be from scratch, or just redoing a project.

The Idea is instead of writing out 30 separate posts updating your work, at the end, write a one or two post summary outlining what you did. There will be no post's allowed that are not guitar projects, if you have any questions to the poster, ask them through PM.

This thread is strictly a gallery for people to display their work.

1.) Your post must be about your own customizing project.

2.) Your post must contain at least one picture of your guitar after you customized it.

3.) No Spam, as much as people love congratulating people on their hard work, there is no need to fill up the forum with posts containing ?good job? and ?wow dude, you rock?, If you have something to tell or ask them, use the PM system.

PF: ^^ Read, many times if nessecary. A non-topic posts WILL BE DELETED AND USERS WARNED! It's getting beyond a joke and is really one of the most annoying things about GB&C. If you want to ask questions use the PM system, we don't want to look through pages of "thats a cool guitar" when trying too look at guitars.

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Here's my strat project...

My goal of this project was to build a strat using parts from ebay and other users as cheaply as I could, and still make a quality guitar.

I started off on ebay and found a nice alder strat body and won it at a nice price of about 60 bucks. Not a shabby start.

The pickups I used were Vintage Fender noiseless's, which I bought from UG's very own Jono, prewired to a nice pickguard, for 120 dollars.

I also bought a set of vintage style stwemac tuners from jono for 20 bucks? or was it 30? something like that.

Neckwise I bought a mighty mite neck on ebay for 85 bucks, It was a V shaped rosewood fretboard neck, and Im very content with it, content enough to buy the same one for my other strat.

The bridge was bought from the ebay store "Guitarfetish" which I would recomend to anyone, great store, great prices, I payed 12 bucks for it.

Anyway, it ended up costing a little over 300 dollars, and after a good set-up it plays like butter and sounds awsome.

here are some pics...

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Ok here is mine.


AANJ Bolt on
24 Jumbo
25 1/2"
2 MOP stars at 12th fret
Tone o matic w/ thru body
Undecided. Some dort of seymour Duncans
1 volume, 1 tone, 1 mid boost/scoop pot.
satin nitro

This is my first guitar built from scratch. All wood was order from This was a great place to get one for the first project. You don't have to know what you're doing as their wood is intended for instruments. However I will not be ordering wood from the again. They are very knowledgable and geared towards the beginner but are a little expensive.

Anyway, its not totally done yet. The finish still needs to be applied.

The washers on the back will be swapped out for smaller ones ij either black or chrome.

For further info, check out my thread in my sig and if you have other question PM me or post in my thread.
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Mine's a JEM, I'm close to finish with it, so when I am I will post updated pics. Anyways...
Wood: Basswood
Neck and Fretboard: Maple
Pickups: Evolutions as Humbuckers and Blue Velvet as Single Coil
Neck Type: AANJ
Hardware: Floyd Rose Locking System
Hardware Color: Black
Electronics: 2 Knobs(CTS Pots), 5-way Switch
Finish: Glossy(will be)
Frets: 24
Scale: 25 1/2"
Special Things: Monkey Grip, Scalloped from 24-12.

Edit: Since I can read I will just edit my post and say that it is not stripped and it is just the grain of the wood. If I took a more recent pic of when I fully sanded it or if you saw it in person you would see the grain doesn't look stripped.
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Originally posted by ?øXÍÇÍ?¥
^is that just a stripped jem? cause i can almost swear it is...

attaboy, way to show off your reading skills and no it's not a stripped body, it started off as a RG and unless you start reading rules im gonna have to give you a warning.

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My newest installment.

Well actually I di this a while agao but meh...

Ok I started off with a regular squier strat. It was my first guitar as I'm sure it was for amny of you.

One day I decided I wanted it to look a little better. Recently I had seen Noodles' duck tape Ibanez. So I wanted to do that. I took the whole guitar apart, sanded it down, then covered it in black ducktape. I started clearcoating but because the ducktape was folded and wrinkled it could be compressed. When I put any presure on it, the ductape gave way the the clear coat cracked.

So I scrapped this idea. I ripped all of the tape off and tried to think of something else to do. IO wa spretty much out of ideas so I just started hacking away at it with a saw. I then sanded it smoot and painted it white. I reshaped the pickguard to match as well.

Next I decided I wanted and angled humbucker. Actually I didn't decide I wanted it angle. It just happens that a strats bridge single coild is angled so the hole for the crews were at an angle. I had an old Ibanez bridge pickup sitting around so I cut the pickguard to fit it. It really doesn't sound any better. It just sounds bigger.

My next project was to put some red LEDs in it. I wired all of the pickups to one tone pot, then put an on/off/on switch in the second tones pot's place. This controls the chain of LEDs that are under the pickguard. When on you can see a red light around each pickup.

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Not a full blown custom, hell, its more of a sleeper than anything; most don't realize its been modded until theyre up close, but nonetheless, a great guitar to play.

Ibanez RG470; only parts stock are body, tuners, humbucker mounting rings, cavity covers, knobs, and strap buttons

This, being my second guitar, and my first half decent guitar, made a good base to start modding. The entire 'build process' took a little over a year, as I was swapping parts in as I got the money.

Body: Stock Ibanez RG470, MIJ, Basswood, Reactor Blue. No mods
Neck: Ibanez Wizard II, MIJ, 3 piece quartersawn maple with rosewood fretboard, Jumbo frets. Mods: Scalloped 19-24 frets, Buzz Feiten system, stripped back of neck and refinished in oil, rolled fretboard edges.
Tuners: Stock Gotoh tuners (16:1)
Hardware: Stock Gotoh (I believe) hardware, along with a Groove Tubes Fatfinger
Tremolo system: Fully aftermarket; Original Floyd Rose, Rockinger BlackBox Tremsetter, Ibanez (Gotoh) Top-Lok III nut.
Pickups: Fully aftermarket; Seymour Duncan TB-6 Duncan Distortion (b), Seymour Duncan JB-JR1b JB Jr. bridge model (m), Seymour Duncan SH-10 Full Shred (n)
Electronics: Fully aftermarket; CTS pots (500K), Oak-Grigsby 4P5T Megaswitch, Switchcraft output jack.

I believe thats about it; pics

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Hey hey hey.

I caught the customizing bug to. i actually finished this guitar almost a year ago, but this is the first time i've gotten around to posting it.

I had gotten my second guitar pretty recantly at the time and my old squier strat was pretty much good for firewood.

or customizing!

i wanted to have two guitars worth using and also wanted to get a deeper knowledge about how guitars worked, so i decided to customize my own.
(i had also seen streamline's thread and got intrested )

at first i jumped in recklessly, which wasn't too smart but didn't end up screwing me up.

eventually i got smart and started planning, with the help of projectguitar and a book called Electric Guitar Construction by Tom Hirst, who is some high muckymuck at Stew-Mac.
(it's helpfull but maybe i'd get a different book if i did it agian. it's very simplified, which is a double edged sword)

anyways after a summer of on and off attention to it, i finished on the body work and moved onto the finish (i don't think i did a really good job, but i was using rattle cans of poly on a windy day outside)

enough of my story.

Specs/Points of intrest/Things i changed
  • Tremelo Bridge changed to Hardtail
  • Completely new electronics
  • New Locking Tuners
  • New bone nut (filed by moi)
  • New Finish/Pickguard/Plates (duh)

The Bridge mod is what i'm most proud of, or is at least the biggest change i made. It consisted of cutting two blocks of mahogany to shape to fill up the tremelo cavity, and a hella lotta wood filling and sanding.
(i got the wood from the dumpster of a hardwoods supplier for free)
i did it because i had never been a trem user and didn't want to start. i had never used the trem in the original guitar; i had even lost the bar.

The wiring is one of my own design
the pickups are
  • Neck = Seymour Duncan 59'
  • Middle = Seymour Duncan Cool Rails (neck)
  • Bridge = Dimarzio FRED

each pot is a volume control for it's respective pickup, and as there is no switch lever, each pot pulls out to select a pickup and pushes in to kill it. This is a really easy way to control the pickups i use.

there arent any tone pots because tone pots suck

The locking tuners are the new love of my life; i dont know how i lived without them. they are Gotoh's "Magnum lock." There isn't a thumbscrew to lock, but rather it locks automaticaly as the string is tightened making instalation a breeze.

i'm sure i left something out so feel free to PM me with questions.
because you know i'm gonna be waiting at my PM box pressing reload every five seconds betause im... desperate... like that.
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Okay i might aswell add mine.

I started with a Fender Strat body that my idiot friend left out in his garden because he didn't want it. I then found in another friends cupboard an old Squire neck that he didn't want. These were to be the bones of my project. The body still had a pickguard with the original Fender single coils in it.

I repainted the guitar blue and bought a new pickguard. I kept the neck and mid single coils and put a Hot Rails (god bless SD) in the bridge. I bought a vintage Kluson trem and got the guitar wired up by a shop because i am useless with a soldering iron.

The shop also put new pots in, new jack and plate and also new 5 way switch.

I sanded the headstock and back of the squire neck. This is when i finally realised i MUCH preferred a sanded neck thats well oiled over a finished neck any day. I put my name on the headstock and got a new nut cut and fitted.

I still hope to replace the neck and mid pups one day, split the Hot rails and also replace the tuners. All in good time.

The finished product. Plays like a dream. The Squire neck isn't bad at all.

This is a Wal-Mart FirstAct guitar, yes i know it sucks big time in the ways of being a guitar. This is a test for this paint job before i do it to my B.C. Rich warlock when i get my new ESP EX-400 in a week.

the original body, old vinyl sticker ripped off and took off the finish too. This was a test run so i didnt bother removing the bridge or pickups.

the guitar after being primed white, then spraycoated with 7 different coats of white.

the blood splatter effect has been added doing a special brush technique using thinned red paints

the finished product, looks like i bashed someones head in with it

so overall, this project was a success, and now i know i can do this on my much more expensive warlock. Btw this was my first ever guitar a year or so ago and i paid $30 for it and a 4 watt amp lol.
The general concept behind this creation was a fusion of a Gibson SG, a bass, and a Fender Strat. So I used a large chunk of mahogany for the body, and bought the neck off of stewmac because of time constraints.

Schaller m-6 tuners
2 gibson Burstbuckers (Bridge/Middle pos)
Your generic tremolo

At the moment the electronics still aren't working, grr, so its not strung up, and I can't provide you all with a sound file.

The Design

The Result
OK heres the strat all done:
Grover tuners
21 frets
Added Skunk Stripe
EVH Paint scheme
96' Strat Pickups(decal got sanded off when i attempted to paint the pickup covers)
Black "Speed" Knobs
**Updated Pic**
I rebuffed it because i did it half assed the other time, and i finally got a buffing wheel


EDIT: In the process of being relic'd
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My newest venture....
Upgrading my old BC Rich Bronze warlock!
I plan on putting EMGs into it, a new bridge, and im looking to find a nice neck, hopefully one with the widow headstock.
Here it is after painting:

Along with a freehand skull

here's my first customization
nothing too special, just painted the pickguard and added a custom design skull logo on. It's changed a little bit from my original because my friend started peeling the tape off wrong, so we had to free-hand in the left side.
here's the first pic:
Here is the last guitar I completed.

It is African Blackwood back and sides
German Spruce top (died red and black)
African blackwood fingerboard (bound)
East indian rosewood backplate and blackwood headplate
MOP inlay (this was my 1st real attempt at inlay)
Bloodwood bindings
26" scale
Mahogany neck
Maple purflings
blackwood bridge.
Schaller tuners (gold with ebony buttons)

This is my prototype back "floating" back bracing.

End shot

Not taking any online orders.
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neck shot

This was how the body looked in the beginning but the person I made it for wanted a more "aged" or "worn" look with more depth, less clerity and less gloss)
Not taking any online orders.
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The headstock

So after some modifications I came up with the coloring she wanted. I didn't like as much as what I had but it is what she wanted... Anyway this is the finished guitar. And not to blow my own horn but it is the best sounding guitar I have ever heard. Thanks largely to the special back and top bracing I made (sorry I don't have pics of the top bracing)

Not taking any online orders.
Hi, I'm in the process of my first 'customization'. Refinishing a beat up old acoustic. Well, ya gotta start somewhere.

Stuff used:
Tamiya metallic blue paint (it's actually meant for plastic R/C car/slot car bodies, but seems to work fine on wood).
Clear coat spray
Black & Decker Mouse

I sanded the clear coat off the front, made sure it was clean and sprayed on the metallic blue (a few coats).

That dried overnight, and today i printed out the Offsprings "Flaming Skull' logo and am currently in the process of sticking it on the body and clearcoating it.

More info soon.

I just finished another "interesting" one.

back, sides and neck - Honduras Mahogany
Top - Sitka spuce
Scale length. Fan fret. 655mm long and 640 short
fretboard and bridge ebony
Tunners - Schaller
ivorioid bindings
offset soundhole
cherry shaped side vents
asymmetrical body
finish - true oil.
artificially aged.
5 frets scalloped

Not taking any online orders.
set me back about 1600.It scaled to a les paul. It's a mahgony solid body glued on neck a cocobola (Brazilian hard wood)frett board 24 jumbo frett.It's a fast neck.Evolution pick ups with a Pro Track DP188 in middle.A schaller tremelo.Schaller tunning keys.The knobs are the same wood as the neck is made out of.
Rock on' and peace be with you
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This one started out as an Aria pro 2.But after a few dive bombs the wood split on me where the tremelo sat.So had my guy that builds my guitars for me build me a solid maple body.Later he built me a birds eye maple 24 jumbo frett board.It had a new paint job recently I don't have a pic yet,but it's a grey sunburst style paint job.It's eguipt with a emg nk and a seymore duncan full shred.Both pots are vol.I also put in a floyd rose type bc rich.I originaly bought the guitar for like 200.The work ended up to be about 600 for the body and the neck 300 a piece.tremelo was about 150. Pick-ups were about 40 for the emg and 60 for the full shred.I had this guitar now going on for 18 years and it's one of my favorites.
Rock on' and peace be with you
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I had found a esp neck for about 80 with red schaller locking tuners.My guy said he a body that would fit the neck since it's a short scale 22 frett.I put on new schaller locking tuners on that were 80.The new ones are dull silver colour not pictured.He put on the wilson floating bridge,seymore duncon sinlge coils.Toggles for controling the pick-ups instead of a 3 way toggle.1 vol.The total cost was about 600.
Rock on' and peace be with you
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I was using my squier as a practice body for trying different things, like painting and staining. Eventually i started to miss the feel of a strat type guitar so i decided to bring her out of retirement. I had just stained it when the wood started to crack a little, so i knew i was going to get a factory finish from the beggining. I eventually decided to try a relic finish, and i am very happy with the results.
picture 001.jpg
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Im really sorry but I am not good with computers and could not get all my pictures in one post. Anyways heres another...
picture 002.jpg
Heisenberg might have been here!

Just a tiny change - SD Hotrails in the Bridge, and I took the rest of the pickup covers off (they used to be white).

Yay for my |_|13212 1337 /\/\0|]|]3|] 9|_|!7412!

Oh, it was a Danelectro Danoblaster Hearsay...
So I know I promised to have sound clips of my prototype guitar that I posted pics of. Well it's gonna be a while before you get to hear it because I took it to a concert tonight and my favorite musician in the history of the world AKA Stuart Davis, tried out my guitars and he liked it. A LOT! So much infact that my prototype is now owned by Stuart Davis so when you do hear sound clips of this guitar it will be on his next album or (which I think will be his 10th CD). I'm so excited right now. I didn't plan on unloading the guitar. The thing didn't even have a tag so stole a slip of paper from the suggestion box and the venue, wrote out a tag and told him to glue it in with some elmers glue.

So anyway, here is another pic of my latest creation being played by it's new owner.

Not taking any online orders.
Here is my number one:

Buildet in 1994.

Maple neck with gotoh tuners from a charvel i bought cheap.

The body is made of 40mm acrylic plate. The outline i made with a bandsaw, then filed and sandet at least polished. The neckpocket and the pockets for the electronic i made with a milling maschine.

The pickup is an EMG 85.

i can´t play guitar but i try again every
and here just finished my number 2:

I bought this "noname" guitar for about 25 Euro at a local musicstore.
It has an set mahagoney neck with rosewood fingerboard, alder top (30mm) and plywood back (10mm)

What i´ve done:

Changed the pickups to schaller vintage humbuckers and added 2 mini toggles for coil cut.
The stock hardtail bridge was placed wrong (no intonation possible), so i routed out the body and changed it to a tremolo bar.
Sandet the black paint off the neck and laminated the headstock with alder.

here a closeup of the headstock

i can´t play guitar but i try again every
Ok, i bought the kit that spawned this guitar a couple years ago..until last week, it looked like this.

A week of coat after coat or white paint:

And After the new pickguard:

And another pic, for the hell of it, another pic:
Here's my girl, the full story can be found here

Love 'er!
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Well I finished this guitar, strung it up played it, got the action and intonation set and was going to make a truss rod adjustment and snap!!! the head broke off of the truss rod, so I'm gonna have to take it apart and rip off the fret board so that I can replace the truss rod but I figured I would take a couple pics anyway.

back, sides and neck - bubinga
Top - Sitka engleman hybrid spruce (sound like German spruce)
Scale length. 640mm
fretboard and bridge ebony
Tunners - Schaller
bindings- black fiber
finish - true oil.

The bird and branch inlay is abalon, east indian rosewood, Maple, conch, Mother of Pearl, and african blackwood. This inlay was completely from scratch. If you want to see how I ground the shell and stuff look here

The headstock inlay is some kind of rock. Don't know what but I thought it looked good.

The guitar sounded good, but I have really liked all the guitars that I have built with this body shape and bracing pattern.

Not taking any online orders.
Well I may as well post mine on here: I built it from parts of ebay. It ended up costing lss than £100. It doesnt sound to bad either!!

And my custom headstock!!
Originally posted by Generalpwnt
It would be so cool if u drilled a hole right thru the center of ur guitar.

Looking for people to record sound clips for UG, click here if interested...
Here is mine... I built this guitar in about a month.
The carving is of a Eagle and the wavey things are music notes (incase you cant see them)

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Step 1 of working on old Squeir p-bass, adding ghetto-ass straplocks. I had to drill a new hole into the bass (the old holes were WAY too big for some reason...) and now it works nice and doesn't hit me in the head when I play at weird angles.


i remember years ago, saving up from summer jobs....lawn work, vinyl siding, dishwashing. at first i was saving up to get a peavey wolfgang.

i walked up to the music store...behind the glass stood a cardboard cutout of evh, a cream white wolfgang standard and a 5150 amp. my "pimple faced" years....i thought the "5150 was the holy grail of amps and the wolfgang was the key to the kingdom".

unfortunatly the store clerk was out to lunch...therefore, i had to wait for 45 minutes. my buddy grabbed me by the arm and said.."dude lets kill time at that music store over there" of we went.

it mainly dealt in hamers and trace elliot amps....nothing really perked my interest..."archtop archtop archtop....archtop...martin.."
and then there is was, a mint condition teal green metallic strat...850 with case. (looking back....i spent too much on it)....i thought to myself, "mehhhh a time killer..." 45 minutes later, my wallet was thinner and i was playing it at the basement of my house. this is my tone...."i found my sound!!" i proclaimed....2 years after the purchase, the single coils were in my closet....and then came the setup...(check the "signature")

i wanted the neck to sound paf....but i wanted it retain some strat the coil tap and seymour duncan 59 came in.

i wanted the bridge to have some crunch and bite...naturally the duncan distortion soon followed.

a year goes by:

i wanted a twist on the tele the guitar tech wire tapped the distortion pickup for phase, series, parallel with another coil tap. said to me..."alright, bridge in phase, neck in single coil mode, selector in middle...telecaster".

two months go by.....wired back up the tbx midboost.

it's been the same for 7 years, my don't sound like one at all.....hahahaha.
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I just got a line 6 flextone head and a spider II body.

Well, hope this counts. I bought this one about two months ago now, to me it's the guitar i've always wanted, but it lacked something, a vibrato. So I just bought a 80 bucks hand made american bigsby and started making holes. The first time I tried it(you can see some holes appart from those of the former tailpiece and where the strings go through) that ended up messing the neck a little hehe, too little tension. I relocated the vibrato further back and actually centered it and now it's all good.

One tricky thing about bigsby's is that, unlike vintage style tremolos, bigsby ones don't retract all the way by themselves, so you got to help it a little.

Next i'm thinking of getting a meaner pick up for the bridge(or maybe one of those gibson PAF's) but I'm going to wait until I get an amp.

lol, cool story about your axe unitedkid.