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heres mine its an air guitar 9,000,000ijs

Congratulations you have a warning.

For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
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Harsh! That's the funniest thing I've heard this month.

I'm glad you found it funny, you have a warning too!

For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
1.) Your post must be about your own customizing project.

2.) Your post must contain at least one picture of your guitar after you customized it.

3.) No Spam, as much as people love congratulating people on their hard work, there is no need to fill up the forum with posts containing ?good job? and ?wow dude, you rock?, If you have something to tell or ask them, use the PM system.

PF: ^^ Read, many times if nessecary. A non-topic posts WILL BE DELETED AND USERS WARNED! It's getting beyond a joke and is really one of the most annoying things about GB&C. If you want to ask questions use the PM system, we don't want to look through pages of "thats a cool guitar" when trying too look at guitars.

For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
o o
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ok iknow this isn't mine and so breaks the rules so sorry avbout that but i think this needs to be in here as an example of how NOT to do it!

i'm not sure but i thing this monstrisity is made out of papier-mashe or at least that's what it looks like to me

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i truely how this was a sick joke!

if your quick you can find the actual thread here

the best comments i found in the origonal thread was
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Do you even know what a guitar looks like?....

Next time don't confuse it with a sadistic mutated guinea-pig that got eaten alive by Ozzy and scraped off the inner side of his rectum.

read the origonal thread it is the funniest thig you will EVER read! i't 2AM here in the UK and' i think i'm going to die of laughter!
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It's basically a replica of a Tom Delonge Strat, a sweet guitar which is was designed and played by Tom for several years, until Gibson handed him a stack of money to change allegence. This saw the birth of the Gibson TD-355 (which has the similar one pickup/one volume configuration), and the halt in production of the TD strats.

I'm a fan of Blink 182 and The Offspring as well as other punk/pop-punk bands and heavier rock. I'm a Satch/Vai fanatic as well. I wanted to make a TD as it has a great heavy sound, and the simple setup meant it was easier for me to wire than something with a 5 way selector. As I'm a wiring n00b, I wanted to start with something easy.

*Rosewood fretboard.
*White Seymour Duncan Invader pickup.
*One pickup/One Volume setup, the perfect guitar to just plug and play.
*10-46 D'addarios.
*Custom made pearloid pickguard
*Umm *scratches forhead whist thinking of other features to type about*, did I mention it's white?
*Custom AMBER LED under pickguard which basically makes the edges of the invader glow, like a halo!!!

As for sound, the invader obviously suits Any kind of rock to a tee. I was kinda concerned about some people saying that this pickup was too 'hot' for it's own good, but I'm suprised (and glad) that this guitar is wayyyyyyyyy more versatile than I expected it to be. Most people I asked said the clean sounds would probably be rubbish, however I beg to differ. Don't be fooled, this is one versatile axe, despite it's simple setup.

Well there it is. It's my first ever project guitar. It took me about a month to complete, working on and off on it. The easiest part was probably assembling it. The hardest part, well, not the 'hardest' but the most time consuming was probably painting. As far as a first guitar goes I'm pretty pleased with myself.

I'd have some soundclips for you, however last time I tried soundclips with my RG, they sounded rubbish (not the guitars fault, I just have a horrible recording setup ).

Hope you like it.

Peace out

EDIT: pay no attention to the fact there is no volume knob present! i have a chrome one now, but no camera.

and the halo of light around the pickup
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Warlock, Bloody Warlock:

Yeah, Bronze series are crap, so I fixed mine up.

SD Invader Neck
SD Scream'n Demon Bridge
5-Way MegaSwitch

My own design of an adjustable nut

Blood splatter paint

For the Nut I just turn the screws underneither (they're not in the way of the neck) and it raises and lowers the nut.
well, i guess ill post n here as well- pics to come asap


emg's*soon to be back* 81/sa/60
3 on off toggles
2 tone 1 volume
i bought the body, already silk screened
bought the neck

ibanez tuners
jackson pr4 neck

its awsome- sweetest neck ive ever felt

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abd my last one- custom ibanez

fixed neck pocket and made trem cavity deeper.

wizard 2 neck
jackson trem
schecter pups- soon to be tone zone and evo
and that its for now- yes, i know iuts dirty as well

I have to Ibanez Rg's (170 and 270). I was bored today so i taped them off kinda like EVH but i'm to lazy to paint them.The tape still looks cool on them i guess. I also took out two of hte pickups on the black and red one to give it a "killswitch" since I never used the neck pickups anyway. I also lowered the action on the black one and put a wood block in teh back of it so that it would stay in tune better.

I also sanded the neck and part of the headstock on the black guitar so that i'd play smoother.

Ibanez Rg 170 "Before"

Ibanez 270 "Before"

Both Guitars "After"
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Strat pup in an Oscar Schmidt

The pickguard was falling off so I ducktaped it on, im amazingly poor. It works though. Also changed the tuners.

The crappy pickup slotting job, this was the first thing I ever did to any guitar. It works though and you can adjust the hight and stuff. I sawed a basic slot for it with a little hacksaw type thing then sanded the rest till it fit. the first time I did it I lined the pickup right under the strings, it was way too strong of a signal to sound like an acoustic. So I offset it a little bit.

You can see to the right of the pickup where I screwed up.
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My strat knockoff which I'm going to paint midnight blue with black pickguard and some kind of pickup switch, maybe EMGs.
i started with a squier affinity tele. $160US. stripped off the ugly yellow paint and found the alder wood grain looked sweet.

so i stained it a natural color and added about 8 coats of finish laquer.

i swapped out the stock pups for Duncan Vintage rails neck, and hot rails for tele bridge.

added a set of schaller strap locks for fun.

a careful setup completed the job. i couldnt be happier with it.

before and after pics....

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Set up Questions? ...Q & A Thread

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probably one of the cheapest and not so awesome mods in this thread. i wanted a straplock system but im too cheap to buy on so i went to home depot and got two metal washers for a grand total of $0.35. i then unscrewed the strap buttons and put the washer and the strap on the button. after that i put the screw back through the strapbutton and screwed it back in. took me an intire 7 minutes to do.
the downfall of UG...........

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im sorry if this is spam, but CorduroyEW, your acoustics are simply amazing.

Does anybody read anymore? Warning for you!
For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
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that my friend, is the coolest guitar i have ever seen

Points to post vertically above.
For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
this is my creation Redgie. He's a shredasoarus. He has a diet of crappy guitar players. Redgies body was origanly a synsonic I bought off ebay for 15$ and covered with orange fur from joanne fabrics. I changed the neck (sorry I cant give you a brand, I dont know), and added locking post tuners (again, sorry no brand). I replaced the driver in the built in amp (although the tone still sounds like a 10w left to rott in the rain), and painted the screen to look like an eyeball. The teeth are made of aluminum. Here comes my favorite feature: REDGIE BREATHES FIRE. The tonge you see hanging out of redgies mouth can be inflated with butane like a balloon. Butane release is controlled via whammy bar and shoots flames out the head stock. First picture is of redgie, second is the flam thrower in action.
imag0451 (2).jpg
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I started off with a old batterd yamaha pacifica and the result is what you see below.

Click for larger pic!

40mm Clear Purple Acrylic (sp?)

Yamaha Pacifica J112 neck

Pacifica J112's

Bridge: Random Lace Sensor
Neck: Texas Special

I'll post pics when i get my UV leds installed. This is it so far...
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Here it is! You know the story...and if you don't, feel free to PM me and ask.

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I put this guitar together using parts found on ebay and as you can see i haven't finished yet. Unfortunately i really put this thing through some bad paint jobs and finally decided to paint over everything with acrylic paint which is what you are seeing now.

This is my first pedal that i built myself, "Comrade overdrive". It is the "Tweak-o" project from When i put the clear coat on the paint started peeling up (i really have bad luck with painting). I used acrylic to paint the hammer and sickle, "Comrade", and "gain" and "volume", and of course my mascot Chadwick (as seen above). Im going to be building another pedal very soon!

Heisenberg might have been here!
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I was bored during the summer and saw a bunch of parts on eBay, so I went for a Gallagher/SRV sort of Strat relic. It came out quite nicely, still got some stuff left to do (get decent pickups and slap a Fender decal on the headstock), but it plays nicely for now. The body's from eBay, and the neck is from my old Pacifica 112M. Pickups are random unbranded single coils, but there is one genuine Fender part, the jack. Bridge is a vintage tremelo bridge from the old Pacifica, but only set up as a hard tail. It's got a nice playable low action, and is currently strung with Ernie Balls Super Slinkies. Not what I normally use, but I needed a thin guage because it didn't look like there was much string/neck clearance when I put on a spare string I had lying around. Anyway, picture time:

(It's the one that isn't gold.. the gold one's my Fender Stratocaster, remember the 50th Anniversary tacky gold ones they did? )

ok folks... MIM strat with Dimarzio's and a new pickguard... ive yet to get the knobs.

on a topic of how you would like to be buried...

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in a coffin, underground, next to my wife.

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Me too. But only if she's alive.

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heres my guitar its a jackson dk2 dinky with duncan humbucker malmsteen middle p up and a hot rail in neck also has gotoh gold machineheads and thts bout it

No picture? What a shame. Warned.
Hi to the forum...thought I'd introduce my heavily modified D.I.Y. sustainer, phase-0-caster...

It was a pawn shop cheapo strat with a ply and wood strip body that I use as a test bench for some ideas. I took a scroll saw to it to cut out that f-hole design, stripped of the paint and varnished it and routed out most of the underside of the pickguard so it is pretty much hollow and very light.

The electronics were completely rewired. There is a gibson style 3 way selector and the mid pickup fades in with the middle tone control into any setting allowing all but mid-alone setting to be selected. There are 3 mini switches where the old selector was. This selects the phase of the mid and neck pickups and a series/parrallel for the stacked bridge pickup.

But wait there's more....

I am AKA psw from the PG forum and this is my DIY sustainer guitar prototype! There are two switches (on/off and harmonic mode) and a very bright blue LED just above the jack socket. I routed out a cavity behind there to take the switches and circuit battery and leave room for further experiments...

The two extra knobs are for the sustainer sensitivity (which I now realize is not really very useful) and the other was for a piezo bug idea I was working on (worked ok but is not connected ATM)

The sustainer works really well and is kind of addictive. As far as I know it is the first and only pickup/driver combination. It works as a normal single coil (it's made from the original with no change in tone) and as a driver for infinite sustain!!!

There have been so many mods to this thing I forget them all. One good idea was to add washers under the machine heads to create a staggered pole effect allowing just a light pressure from a single string tree and creating extra mass at the headstock, helping with it's natural sustain. The bridge is a cheapo replacement and the trem will go to slack and up about 3 frets and still stays in tune pretty well...

Actually, the thing sounds pretty good, the tones are versitile and the switching surprisingly easy to use and the sustainer is out of this world. Hope you like...4real
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For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
The Herbiecaster

Ill change the pics once i get some better ones
EDIT: here they are

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Here are some pics of my completed SRV #1 and my current finishing project, SRV's Charley Guitar. Still waiting for the lipstick pickups.

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This is my first (and possibly last) custom guitar. It started out, as all guitars do, as a drawing:

Then I went through a number of color schemes until I came up with a blue burst:

After that, it took many months of work, with nothing more than a jigsaw and a dremel, and a lot of questions. I'm very happy with the end result though..still unnamed:

EDIT: (Forgot the specs)

BODY: Monkeypod (similar to mahogany)
Neck: Maple with Rosewood FIngerboard
--22 frets, custom inlay
--Scale: 24 3/4
--13 degree angled headstock

--Gotoh Trem
--Grover Locking Tuners

--Neck: Swineshead Runaway
--Bridge: Swineshead XBucker

anymore questions, PM me
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i switched the guards on the strats. the 62 deluxe MIA is now all white and the MIM got a couple of dimarzio stacked YM, and virtual vintage blues to go with the rails in the bridge.

oh and the white cover for the middle pup is on backorder.

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Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

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This guitar started as a epiphone strat copy that I got for cheap. It had some serious cosmetic and fret dammage. I gave the guitar a new paint job after I reshaped the body a little and added a tone hole. Then I got a new neck and bridge off a peavy predator and used those to replace the beat-up one that came with it. I didn't touch the electronics. They sounded great to begin with.
It's got a real twangy sound and sounds great for southern rock.
ok i did this ages ago for my bst mate's christmas/birthday present and only just got around to posting's just a simply burst to black refinnish but hey why not?

i didnt customize it, it was a luthier, but since this thread has been still for a while ill post it

he changed the pickups for dimarzios (a Fast Track 2 at the bridge and a Pro Track at the neck) and installed a toggle switch that activates coil splitting, he also installed a 5 way selector

the guitar

a close up

btw the red thing is a pick i forgot to take out for the picture
Started Off with an Encore KC-3 In thru purple
Took Out Pickguard, removed neck,brigde,output jack.
Bought new jackson style neck from ebay
Got Pre Assembled black 3 ply pickguard with two wilkinson (yeah i know they're bad) double coils With electrics (1 tone 1 volume 3 way pickup select) put it black jackplate, Floyd Rose Locking Nut and Shaller Tuners in black
Not mutch compared to the others but sitl a pretty sweet looking, and sounding guitar.

Yeah sorry about the crappy pictures...
this is my first build. It was a Saga kit off of ebay. they're not so bad after you fill and redrill a few holes and realign a few other parts. I also redid the wiring and plan on repacling the pup's with 2 tex-mex and a 59 or 57. Just gotta find the right price. The sound is nice though has a kind of koa flavor to it. which is what i wanted from it.
The paint is duplicolor for advance auto. Any thing that you can't see, under the pickguard and a few other places isn't painted. I striped those down to bare wood and put a thin coat of sealer but left it to breathe for tone reasons.
What you can't see is the scripture verses on the top side so i can look down while playing a read them. They are mainly about faith and hope.

I started off with a stock lite ash strat:

Changed the pickguard and put white knobs, and pup covers on and got:

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Its not done yet, i still wanna route the bridge area and put in a floyd rose bridge, and i wanna get a 2nd toggle switch wired on it... When it's done im hoping it will look like Tom Morello's "Soul Power" guitar.

I started out with a 2004 Fender Aerodyne, and from there I got a custom Mirror Pickguard for it, replaced the knobs with the chrome knobs, and got a hotrail pickup in the bridge.


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