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My main guitar is my Epiphone Dot, and all I've done so far is change the pickguard and the tone/volume knobs. I reckon it looks a bit more streamlined (or soemthing!). I'm considering changing the bridge pickup.

Here is a picture:

This is an Epiphone Les Paul custom ebony with gold hardware. I bought this Les Paul in June 2005. After some time I found it to be quite boring. I started by taking off the ugly black speed knobs and put on Gibson top hat knobs with gold plates and those cool little number pointers. I later bought some Grover keystone machine heads and attached those. after that I bought Schaller straplock buttons in gold. Then the biggest change for the better occurred by putting a nice big Bigsby B-7 tremolo tailpiece bridge on the end of my guitar. I filled the holes (where the stopbar tailpiece used to be) and painted them black. I survived on that for a little while, then I realized my Les Paul lacks the tone I wanted. I love single coil bridge pickups so I purchased a white open coil Seymour Duncan JB bridge pickup and split the coils which are connected to the tone knob rather than a push pull. The result is: with the knob at zero is a single coil, knob at 10 is a humbucker. You can get really great tones in between, at about 4 or 5 it sounds like a p-90. After screwing around with that for a while I switched to my neck pickup, it sounded horrible. I bought a Seymour Duncan Jazz neck pickup with chrome cover and split the coils with a simple on/off switch. I added another switch for main power cut-off. My guitar kept going out of tune! With much frustration I bought a roller tune-o-matic bridge and all my problems where solved. Pink Floyd is a very big inspiration for me and dark side of the moon is my favorite album, what better graphic can you put on a black guitar? the handpainted pickguard will be re-done so it will be all non chunky and nice.



artwork on back by: mutated_riff aka. bennett j stevens

this conludes my magnificent epiphone les paul custom custom creation

^That thing is sweet!

Image fixed.
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Packman that is one sweet ass guitar.
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Here's my P bass hot-rod project

in the pictures you really only get to see the refinishing process, what you dont see is the replacement of all of the electronics, SD bassline pickups, and some mild re-shaping of the body.

heres how it was before

just the body

into the refinish

you cant really tell but i exagerated the belly cut a bit and rounded in the lower horn
A shot of the grain with some imperfections still in it

I dont have any good shots of the finished body, this is about the best i can get
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Absinthe's Restorations:

Slammer Hammer

Most recent project... It was a slammer hammer, none of the electronics worked, and it was covered in dents and stuff, i got it off my friend for free. I dremeled in a Yingve neck:

Then I rewried it completely, gave it a decent paintjob (although its a teeny bit bumpy) and added a cut-off switch (the little orange switch)

Squier Strat

Just a dumb little project I did when I got bored with my squier strat. I sanded the paint off, put some lime green primer on, then cut out 100's of random stuff from magizines, I used Hodge Podge to stick them onto the body then glossed over them. You can see some little spots I missed but oh well, it was just a fun little project.

Kawai Archtop

Heres my first real project, with this one, my friends friend dropped it from the attic on the neck and broke the neck almost completely off. not to mention nothing really worked on it, it had no strings no bridge, the pickups and the pots were shot.

first i fixed the body...

then redid all the electronics (the only think i kept was the pot covers)

and then threw on a SG style bridge (yes on an archtop)

To this day I still have no clue who makes this guitar, if you know, PM me. Yes i know "Kawai" does or "Kawal" but I have no background information about the company.

Yeah theyre pretty simple restorations, but Im 16 with no job so theres very little I can do. PM me if you have any comments about them, things I could have done better, or just if you think i did good. Thanks for looking!
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this isnt a guitar, but it was a good ol dunlop crybaby, then i was in a destrustive mood so i took a grinder to it and made it look like the zakk wylde wah, then i painted zebra stripes on it
ok here is my samick that i painted im so much of a cheap arse i didnt buy templates for the f-holes so there hand painted i filled in the front two singlecoil holes with bog and scallopped 20-24


Here is the Zebra.

Zebrawood top, alder body;
Stewart Mac Fender style bolt-on neck: maple/cherry;
Seymour Duncan vintage '59 humbuckers;
Volume, tone, and blend pots;
Tune-o-matic bridge set into top, Carvin-style;
Gotoh tuners;
Graphite nut (I like to bend the sh&* out of the strings);
Strings through-body

Plays great. Zebrawood gives great sustain. Right now I play it more than my beloved SG or Tele. These pics don't really give the zebrawood credit for its color and 3-D grain quality.

Since this picture was taken I have replaced the chrome tuners with gold and added a gold string tree.
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this was a slammer hammer.
made fretless
sanded off ugly red paint
made pickguard a shiney blue

both my cool basses

ok so its not as much custom as my P bass rebuild, but heres some of the stages of my ESP re-furb:
the sort of begining (when i was a scene kid like 4 or 5 years ago)

after it sat with the neck off for about 3 years i decided to put it back together, but i stripped all the electronics out

what you havent seen so far are the scratches and scraped in the clear coat
like this one
after buffing and polishing out the scratches and just mocking up the pups

the finished product

what you cant see: black ice cap, DiMarzio Air Classics neck and bridge,
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This was my first attempt at guitar customizing, started off with a shine telecaster with a really bad and scrached paintjob. Gutted it, re-sprayed it and ended up with this:

Still needs pickups and the like but im broke for now so they'll have to wait

painted stuff blue, took out neck pickup for a killlswitch. And, a fixed bridge
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not the best...but it was a cheap harmony i got for free a few years back
I painted it and made the pickguard...when i get some $$ im gonna buy new tuners(black) and pickups that are at least half decent ( i cant even play this guitar it sounds so horrible)
oh and i scalloped the neck...

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I got tired of my old SG, so I decided to do something special with it. I wanted it to be chrome, but because of a mistake with the white spirit it ended up pink, but I like it.

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I just finished another "interesting" one.

back, sides and neck - Honduras Mahogany
Top - Sitka spuce
Scale length. Fan fret. 655mm long and 640 short
fretboard and bridge ebony
Tunners - Schaller
ivorioid bindings
offset soundhole
cherry shaped side vents
asymmetrical body
finish - true oil.
artificially aged.
5 frets scalloped

That is the most beautiful acoustic I beleive I have ever seen
The guitar started out as a blah MIJ Fender Strat, black, battle-scarred with dents and scratches. However,
it's pretty solid with 80s vintage PUs and wiring, maple/rosewood neck with the '62 RI headstock:

The new color is a sexy (IMO) Daphne Blue, very vintage, kept the 80s vintage PUs and installed DiMarzio
Hot Blues, Blues, and Solo PUs with a new wiring harness, a new maple/maple neck with the CBS headstock,
and upgraded the tremolo block with a 1 pound (!!!) steel block.

And the vintage Kluson® tuners:

A handmade Explorer from good old germany .


German Ash Body 4,8 cm
Strat Tremolo
1x Volume
1x Tone
3 Way Switch
EMG 81/85
Schaller security locks
maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 Frets 25,5'' scale neck (buyed)


you can find my documentation about my selfmade guitar and other things like my self built tubeamplifier and fx-board on

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Saw someone else with the EVH style... so while i was bored i found some electrical tape and got busy. who needs 200 quid and an art degree!? not meeeee
SP_A0274 (Small).jpg
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Squire 5150 Frankenstrat Mod!

So basically, I sanded it, primed it, painted white, taped, painted black, taped, painted white again, taped, painted red, and clear coated for the paint.

Then I swapped pickguards, threw in a humbucker, and got new potentiometers, and a selector switch to repace old cheap shit.

And finally, I put on some classy gold Dunlop Original Straploks.

Fixed up my old Squire for a total of $200ish, and should get years of more playing out of my first electric.

BEFORE: (black)


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Here are my customized Ibanez guitars. You can read the story

GRG 170DX:
5 scallopped frets
Fake binding
¨Go faster¨ stripes

Rg 7620:
New finish

You've read it, you can't un-read it!

Added a kill switch to my new tele between the tone/volume controls.
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I decided to do some work on my bass today, looking at some other ideas on this thread I decided to desin the scratch plate by cutting out parts from old magazines, and glueing them on. Plus osme good old black tape. Kinda newbish but yeah, I'm a newb =)
(sorry about the low quality pic, I only have a bad webcam to take pictures with)

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well, the only guitar ive been working on really, on purpose, besides just minor adjustments would be my bass. started off at a crappy guitar store in the mall (not a franchise though, oddly enough) as a Crate Electra bass pack with an amp and gig bag and some other stuff. It was not bought by me though, but a friend of mine that wanted to learn how to play about 2 1/2 years ago. when i bought it about 6 months ago it had huge dents, dings, and scratches as if he was an assassin and used the bass to kill people.

he didnt take good care of it and basically gave up on learning to play. It did look much better up close, however, when i took it apart and thoroughly wiped it down with wood oil and cleaned the tuners and the other chrome which had some deposits on them... but are really shiny now. In the past few weeks, the wire broke off of the cable jack and i realized how much better the bass looks with mostly the black body showing on the face rather than a huge white pick guard, so i made one out of Koa that i think looks a lot better...

i plan on putting another pickup, like the ones on the jass basses under the p bass style ones already existing on it if i get the money.
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Seeing as I just finished refinishing my Epi Explorer, i thought it deserved to be added to the gallery.

My Epiphone "Hot Rod" Explorer

This is my other guitar, my custom strat that I made from a bunch of Ebay'ed parts. Most of the parts are from MIA strats, apart from the neck which i think is either a Warmoth or Allparts neck, and the bridge pickup which is a Kent Armstrong Hotrail pickup. A MIA strat that cost me about the same money as a new MIM strat!

My gear;

Custom HSS Strat (eBay'ed parts)
Fender Acoustic
EH Big Muff
Home-made Wah
Home-made Booster
Laney LC15

Looking for a Jazz Bass body to refinish

My DeviantArt Page, MySpace Profile
Hey guys in the last 2-3 days ive been working on modding my epiphone valve junior, its a great little head and i wanted to further improve upon it asthetically and sound wise, so far ive re tolexed/re piped/ added a tone mod/added a custom name plate and paired it up with a matching 1x12 cab loaded with a celestion g12h30, tell me what you guys think, btw the name plate is my last name

my bro's customized bass.. it took him almost a year..

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I've always been into unique stuff (why i bought a warlock as my first guitar. d'oh) and making stuff "my own" so to speak.
I have an Ibanez RG120 , black. and i love playing it, and I decided to take it a step further and make it my own..
Using OSH brand rattle cans,sandpaper, 3m tape, and about 12 hours of work.
heres what we get

I could have done a much better job, given guidance and better tools/conditions.
but I am happy with how it came out.

The KW is my initials... Kenneth Westphal.
thanks for readin
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hey guys, this is my first project, a squier rebuild.

i added a Dimarzio X2N, fast track, and Chopper (bridge to neck)
Schaller locking tuners
new pickguard
wilkinson bridge
new pots
SPST button, interrupting killswitch, like buckethead.
graphtech nut
only thing i didnt change is the 5 way switch, neck, body, and output jack.
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This is actually my 3rd guitar build/mod for the year. On my last trip to Japan, I bought a cheap, no-name Ibanez or Jackson clone, kinda, and the body is made of Mahogany. It's Cream with HSS config, and underneath the clear and color coat, the body appears to be shielded (?!?) throughout. I fany can identify what brand and model it is, that will be really helpful. Here's what the body looked like ....

My models, or what I hoped to modify to make it my own ...

for the front (a less well-known Crash):

for the back (one of Petrucci's guitars):

After 2 days and tons of masking, color corrections, layout changes, etc., here they are ready for clearcoating ...

If you're interested in the step-by-step, or have any questions, or have any comments, please check out the thread (see my sig ) and post there. BTW, I did a similar Petrucci on a friend's Fender Strat last weekend, but used Black instead of a White background.


EDIT: For some reason, my sig isn't showing up, so here's the link to the "Shred" Guitar build
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I'm not sure how well you will be able to see the picture, I really had to shrink it down. (If) you can see what I have done, new pick guard, knobs, and three new pup's. Let me know what you think. The pick guard was bought from a local music store where I am now taking lessons, (7 so far....woo-hoo!), and I thought it was just cool as hell, much better than the o.e. white. Of course it didn't fit so I had to mod. the mod. so to speak. The pickup holes and the bridge slot was too small. I used my Rotozip and freehanded the guard until it fit. The pickups are all S. Duncan pup's, Duckbucker (neck), JB JB Jr. (middle), and Cool Rails (bridge). If you have a "bright" guitar like this one and want to take the edge off of it a bit....let me get on my soap box here.... go to the Seymour Duncan website. You can hear the pickups before you but them. There is A LOT of information on the sight. If you have a good set of puter speakers you will be able to pick out what sound you are looking for in pup's. Great website. Okay, let me climb back down from my soap box....Ahh, that's better. My next project, (I got the bug from doing these minor changes), is to built a guitar from scratch. Anyone done it?
Heres my strat mod tryed to relic it a bit and it needs a new neck.
Its my first ever mod so please pm me with what you think
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my first building guitar project.. jaguar style guitar with mosrite style hardware.

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