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This was my first customizing thing,
I did everything myself but in the end, it didn't work so I brought it to a luthier lol


Neck: Original (Maple w/ Rosewood fretboard)
Body: Original (Alder)(Black)
Neck Pickup: Fender Gold Lace Sensor
Middle Pickup: No
Bridge Pickup: 70's Strat Pickup
Controls: 1 Master Volume
Switch: 5 Way
Bridge: Gold Fender Strat Bridge
Machine Heads: Original (Chrome)
Nut: Original (Bone)
Pickguard: Turtoise Shell
Strings: D'Addario 0.012 gauge
2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom.
When I bought it, it was in arctic white and brand new, with stock hardwear and pickups. I loved the sound but got fed up with the colour. One day, in a monent of madness I decided to strip it with nitromorse so thats what I did. After about 5 mins I realized that the binding was starting to melt but I managed to save it and after that I took a little more care with the rest of it !
I gave it a good sand and then oiled it with danish oil, bought all the new hardwear and pickups, fitted em in one day and bam, ready to play.
Im so glad I did it, some people say Im crazy for doin and I know Ive devalued it massivley but I dont care, thats not what it was about. It was about making my guitar individual to me. It's the only guitar Ive had that, no matter how skint I get or no matter how much I want that other guitar Ive just fallen in love with (monthly!), Its not goin anywhere.


I got this piece of crap for free when a customer tried trading it but we wouldn't accept it, so he just left it at the store. I took it home, and using a blow dryer, goo gone, and a lot of patience, I removed the layers of sticker and duct tape. I had the EMG's from my Les Paul which I ended up putting Burstbuckers in. I had the H-H pickguard and the jack ferrule from a long abandoned Strat project. The only money I put in this guitar is the $4 dollars I spent on misc screws. The neck on this thing is amazing. It reminds me of the Wizard II neck on my Ibanez RG850 that I ended up breaking like 5 years ago. So... for $4 bucks I turned a throw-away guitar into a beautiful player.
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A slew of pedals
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and one more but i'm in the process of another one 3 in 1 year

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This is my Les Paul Saga kit i just finished..
Stained it Red Oak color, then 25 coats of clear. (still needs a coat of swirl remover.)

Gibson 57 classic plus (Bridge).
Gibson 57 classic (Neck).
CTS pots & Gibson Vintage Toggle switch & input.
Sperzel locking Tuners.
Heck i even paid $16 for some Gibson volume/tone knobs, lol.. Just to have all the hardware (except the tuners) gibson.

Sounds and plays just like a classic Les Paul, only a tad brighter, due to the Basswood body with the Maple top.. It may be a Saga, but it freakin rocks if you ask me, lol.. I love it.

Double Locking Jackson LFR
Gotoh Tuners
Jackson JS30 Humbuckers
Rosewood Fretboard
Plywood body! (only the best)
First project
Based on Jackson RR shape
I have already posted my first project.
These two were fairly simple.
Got One Squire telecster thinline master series. (It's suprisingly good considering it's a squire....)
put in a Bill lawrence 500xl in the brigde. =D
Get some killer solo sounds out of it.


Whole guitar.

Take one Samick artist series jazz bass(ish)
New Knobs,pots,switches,Jack.
Put in a bass switch.
(put a switch in the wire that goes from volume to tone and a very bassy capacitor)

Whole thing
Finally finished this RG, the custom marble swirl pickguard and truss rod arrived recently... I installed a Dimarzio PAF PRO in the neck and a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge. I also took the 5-way switch out and installed a 3-way CRL (I still need to get a black tip for it). I didn't install a single coil, stuffed the middle coil slot with a tissue and cover the underside of the pickguard with 2 pieces of black electrical tape (put one smaller piece on the larger piece so there's no sticky side.)

Pics are here, the pics won't show up (too big?) on here.
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k so here i was just come back from a zztop concert and looked at my guitar and said shit lets make this look ugly ive replaced all electronics (including pickups) and hardware i put a used warmoth neck on it and then coverd it with FUZZ ! i also won the UGLY GUITAR CONTEST and got 100$$ at long and mquade anyways enjoy
Ibanez IC300
Fender American Strat w/RioGrande texas specials

Fender FM212R
a now broken tube amp

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I just put a zebra GFS cruncy pickup into my Epi SG G-400 Custom and am trying to split the bridge pickup heres a pic
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>

Thought id post the finished product here!
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Behold! My $30 Ibanez! And yes, it was this fucked up when I bought it.

Alas, though. I sold all my gear but this guitar, and my Valve Junior in order to get funds for my new Jackson.
Alrighty, heres my finished (for now) heavily modded Valve Junior. It has a master volume, the original volume, a gain switch, and a triode switch. This thing went from kick ass to a beast. Very bluesy and great for classic rock now.

My cheap Eko S-300 strat copy needed a new paint job. The grey sparkly finish was boring. I spent a whole 8€ on the paint and finish.



Nice pink wall, eh?
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From an old strat copy to something that i'll play.

What's new

New paint job, Red with burgendy stripes.

New Wilkinson locking tuners

New pickguard and electronics

Not installed yet but will have Seymour duncan hotrails in neck and bridge position and a lil 59'er in middle.


Orange Rocker 30 head and a Tiny Terror

some progress, theres a pic of it earlier in the thread before it was cut out, gonna get round to routing the trem and the bridge pickup soon and get the new fret board on that neck cause the old one was ****ed.
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Yes they're lame mods but still mods I guess so here's my decorated guitars..

Don't dis my Malmsteen 'Play Loud' I was young ok! They're all just printed off the computer and stuck on with clear contact. .. It's name is white c.unt.

This one is done with stencils/spraypaint (Note the awesome overspray...) and permanent marker. It als has a star shaped hole hacked out of the side. It has no name. It's just a shitty nylon 3/4 thing I played for like a month when I first started.
Here's a Jap Strat I restored and modified for a friend. Lots of cleaning and polishing. All new hardware. New electronics. New pickguard. Fret job.

My favorite guitar ever is the 56 Gold Top. Here's a Jackson Dinky Reverse with a '56 theme. I call it the "Les Dinky".

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i did this a while ago in tech,

My Gear:
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Dean Razorback Two Tone
Ibanez 7 string
Randall RH150G3 Head and Cab
RASPUTIN custom.

Body: Plywood. 'Session' jackson copy. Custom finish.
Pup: EMG 81 - 1 vol, 1 tone.
Strat style trem bridge (Blocked with a bit of wood.)
Scalloped last 5 frets.
Ernie Ball - Heavy top, light bottoms.

I filled in the front 2 pup cavitys. Repainted it. Added an EMG 81. Scalloped the last 5 frets. Bought some new string saddles. Blocked the trem off.

Soon I will be replacing the nut and getting a couple of 'dead frets' fixed. Maybe even a whole refret.

This is my Johnson les paul copy when I got it

I then took off the pickguard, put les paul standard gold knobs on it, put black pickup rings, to the chrome covers off the pickups, and put on a black switch knob. I also re-strung it Slash/Jimmy Page style. The bridge humbucker did go dead some how tho.
Fretless Soundgear:

I painted the body with Mirage paint, modified the Fender Mighty Mite neck to fit, put in all new electronics and p-ups (no name brand, but sounds good) and put on some crappy ass pinstripes. Mirage paint looks cool, changes colors as the light hits it from different directions, although you can't really see it in the picture.

Nonack Special:

Cut the body from Mahogany myself, anodized the saddles and tuners red, polyurethaned the outer edge natural, stained the top red, the rest is stained ebony. The neck is from the now-fretless Soundgear, as are the electronics and bridge. Weighs about 4 tons, but has better tone than my Iceman and Soundgear.
-Ibanez Iceman Bass (Sunburst)
-Nonack Special Mk. II (Blood Red Mahogany/ Natural Binding)
-Fretless Soundgear (Color Shift Purple/Blue/Red/Orange)
-Pearl Export 5 pc. Drumset (Black)
Another customisation

On this one, I put a pickup into my accoustic. Don't worry it's only a Squier, but know it sounds nice.


Orange Rocker 30 head and a Tiny Terror
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This is my Johnson les paul copy when I got it

I then took off the pickguard, put les paul standard gold knobs on it, put black pickup rings, to the chrome covers off the pickups, and put on a black switch knob. I also re-strung it Slash/Jimmy Page style. The bridge humbucker did go dead some how tho.

i have a johnson,with a bit of fixin up,new tuners and pick ups,they are awesome guitars,i have a sunset burst one,it rocks pretty hard,

heres a pic of it,so i dont get warned

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so here are a couple of Strats i have worked on in the style of John "Crash" Matos.

the one on the left is my own
birdseye maple neck
pearl tuners
pickups: texas special(neck), gold fender lace(mid), american vintage(birdge)
gold hardware...

the second one was a comission.
nothing too speacial, the pickups are all custom 54's

the third is a Clapton Copy
V neck,
Clapton wiring
SCN noiseless pickups
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Here's my current axe. It started as blocks of wood of which I don't have pictures of, but here it is all the same.

Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Indian Rosewood, fully scalloped
Pickups: Dimarzio Air Norton and Steve's Special

Yes, I burned it.

Peter Taylor
Chellee Guitars

sorry about the sideways thing.
these were just parted together using various parts from different companies.
the natural wood strat has gold grover tuners, a vintage strat body, vintage reissue pickup covers and one volume knob, two gold abolone tone knobs, warmoth rosewood neck, holographic scratchplate, pickups are as follows: dimarzio virtual blues, standard fender strat pickup, and some horrible pickup off a beginners guitar.
next up, the black strat.
a variax line6 neck was used that had to be plugged and redrilled due to the body I used. the body is off a vintage 1980's mako strat. the tuners are black mighty mite as well as mighty mite tortoise shell pickguard and 2 mightymite singlecoils and a mightymite motherbucker.

total cost spent on natural strat: $190
total on black strat spent: $160
not bad ehy?
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Here's my contribution:

This is a guitar me and my guitarist painted when we were in a band called "Razorback". The name is ductaped and the zombie cartoon is put on there with sticker paper. Everything else was cheap spray paint. All done in one day. I played it when I got home.

That last one was my first ever paint job. A few months later I got a nasty Washburn Dime 332 which I couldn't stand to look at. I sanded off all the paint and tried to make it look cool. This was the third of many failed attempts. It's now blue and black and it plays great. As soon as I get a picture I'll post it. I plan to later on put a southern cross on the side just like Dimebag's.

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Okay, here's the list of parts:

Fender Output Jack
Fender Switch Tips (For 5-Way Switch)
Gibson 300kOhm Pot. Linear Taper Long Shaft (Tone)
Gibson 500kOhm Pot. Audio Taper Long Shaft (Volume)
Seymour Duncan SH-1 ‘59(Neck)
Seymour Duncan SL59-1N Little ’59 (Middle)
Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader (Bridge)
Q Parts Shell Dome Knob Black w/ Natural Abalone
Gotoh Locking Tuning Keys (Black)
Dunlop Dual Design Straplok System
Black neck plate and screws
Black Strat Jack Plate
Hipshot Baby Grand guitar bridge in black finish
Mighty Mite Fender Strat. Neck (MM2925)
Black Pick guard Material .090
3/16” Metal Black Humbucker Mounting Rings
Black Metal Mounting Ring For Single-coil Pickup
Black String Retainers
Qtr. Sawn Philippine Mahogany Lumber
Quilted Figured Maple Top ½”
Quilted Figured Maple Top ¼”
ColorTone Concentrated Vintage amber Liquid Stain
ColorTone Water base Grain Filler
ColorTone Aerosol Guitar Lacquer
ColorTone Clear sanding sealer
Preval Spray Unit
Mixing cups
Shielding Paint and Tape
Assorted sanding paper from 80 grit to 1500 grit
Buffing pads
Med. polishing compound
Fine polishing compound
Swirl Remover

My Saga Kit.... buddy of mine dubbed it Professor X

all of the guitar is stuff from the kit, except for tuners and straplocks... i also snipped off the stupid snap on connectors and just soldered everythin myself. hopefully i get some cash to renovate it with signifigantly better pups, but the stock ones arent "THAT" bad.

Gibson Explorer '73 reissue, Classic White
Schecter Blackjack S1
Crate Stack

Thats noise violation in a box!
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there mine, electrical tape on it :P, gold hardware somewhat.
Two Squier Affinitys; one a Strat, one a Tele, (that goes without saying.) I switched the necks. Ridiculously simple, but still a customization. I'd like to do something with the paint, but I'm not sure what. Any ideas?

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i have a johnson,with a bit of fixin up,new tuners and pick ups,they are awesome guitars,i have a sunset burst one,it rocks pretty hard,

heres a pic of it,so i dont get warned

They are very good guitars, I'm about to put in a JB with new pots and switch in mine. Later when I get the money I plan to put sperzal tuners on and a roller bridge.

now so im ban-proof

my modified and modified again strat



modified again