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heres a cheap samick sg i modded
ive taken the scratchplate from my les paul copy and added it to this guitar, and also my girlfriend spray painted a logo on it for me.
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My strat was original all white with stock pups. I installed a white stacked dimarzio in bridge. Then I bought 2 fender noiseless different color so cant change covers like a dimarzio. Bought different color cover for dimarzio and different color knobs and tips. The strat is now a noisless frankenstein.
It was a Squier affinity special sunburst edition. I got sick of it for a while then decided to customize. I got a new no name neck for it and vintage style tuners. Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups and all new wiring. That's the main stuff. It was supposed to be the nice daphne blue but after the clear turned it yellowish green I decided to sand it..I'll post the pics after it comes back from the music store all put together
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all i did was paint the pickguard, but when everything was back in place i accidentaly put the tone knob cap on the volume knob. I pulled it off, and it ripped out the vloume knob. SO then i replaced the pot to soo that is customizing
Ive recently gotten into guitar modding, so far its been a blast. As of now im really into playing with electronics but I wont try refinishing yet. So the goal for this project was to take my stock mexican strat, make it sound really good, and then add some extra features. Result:

First I threw in some fender custom shop texas specials, then rewired the second tone control to the bridge (real easy to do and real useful). Set it back up to test out and it sounded great. Phase two involved getting an spdt mini toggle switch, an spdt micromini toggle switch, and drilling the pickguard to installing them.

I put in the mini switch between the volume knob and 5 way and properly wired it as a kill switch so its correctly grounded and has no buzz at all when activated. Alot of people seem to do kill switches wrong. Last mod was the micromini switch by the tone knobs which is a neck on switch allowing for 2 more sounds in addition to the first 5; neck/bridge parallel like a tele and neck/middle/bridge parallel for all three pickups on. Detail:

Right now im extremely happy with everything. I was a little uncomfortable at first especially when modifying the pickguard for the switches but i knew that if i messed up i could just get a new pickguard which is one of the great things about modding strats in addition to the almost endless possibilities. It was a great confidence booster and now i have a strat that sounds like american and custom shop fenders for less than half the price. I paid 400 for the strat, 120 for the texas specials on sale, and 10 for the toggles and wires - not bad. The new switches give it a nice custom look too which distinguishes it from "normal" strats. I like
Here's a pic of the Strat I built.

82 Ibanez artist ar105
94 Fender MIJ 72 tele custom reissue
04 prs se soapbar singlecut
97 Simon & Patrick pro flame maple
05 Art & Lutherie cedar 12
Custom Strat

68 Fender Super Reverb
78 Traynor TS200
80's Roland Cube20
I have waited so long to post the final pictures of my bass....

Cheers, Tommy.
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Hi all.

I've just finished a custom build and am very pleased with the results. The guitar is loaded with clever features and effects - it has an onboard Fuzz with RF Antenna (functions like a theremin), a Pitch Shifter, a GK-3 Roland Divided pickup (for MIDI), 10 mode pickup selector and more. The fullbody pickguard, headstock cover and truss rod cover are all chrome plated steel.

I'm real pleased with the look, and the guitar plays and feels fantastic. A very powerful and versatile instrument. And through much trial and error the technology works perfectly.

There are photos below, but there are also more photos and full specifications, at this link :

More Photos and Specifications ....

And there's more info (Qs and As) at my thread in the UG "Gear Building & Customizing" category, at this link :

RJV's Custom Electric with On-Board Effects

For fun I'm going to try and make a short home video to demo the effects etc., and put it up on Youtube or whatever. When I get this done I'll post the link here (if its possible to edit this post) and/or add it to my other thread.

Regards, RJV

The guitar i built in shop class
I think i did good for my 1st build
just got to get some strings on it
so im not totally sure if it will play yet
but i got hi hopes for it
im going to hit it up with some paint
really soon.

Started off as a purple fender strat copy with a white scratch plate.
Looks slightly different now though.....


squier tele, ;;refinished, bigsby and tune o matic roller bridge added
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spare RG body and neck, neck needs a new fret board so... fretless RG is born
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This is my first mod ever, so please forgive me my poor painting/brushing skills as I am still working on them . My plan was to paint the pickguard from white to black and put my last name (and nickname) BAL on it in silver (à la Stevie Ray Vaughan ). It turned out to be decent, though if you look closely you'll see the crappy detail work...

I started off with my stock Yamaha Pacifica 112 (here it is disassembled):

After some sanding, I airbrushed the pickguard black, surrounded the letters with tape, brushed it silver and finished the job with a few coats of lacquer. I also resolderded some weak joints and covered the inside parts of the guitar and the back of the pickguard with aluminium foil => noise level dropped immensly because of the better grounding and isolation.

The result:

I'm quite happy about how it turned out (despite the ugly borders of the letters, perhaps I'll try to sand them down) and I didn't expect it would go that flawless
haha, RJV's guitar must weigh a ton.

anyways, here's my customized Epiphone Les Paul Standard.
it used to have those ugly brass coloured knobs, the cream (more like aged yellow GROSSNESS) pickguard, yellowy selector ring, and stock pickups.
now, its got black speed knobs, a homemade plexiguard, the pickup ring is removed (i always found those ugly and useless), and gibson burstbucker pro pickups.
the next things to go are the cream mounting rings (to be replaced with black), and the plastic nut (to be replaced with bone), and PERHAPS the pots. oh, and the input jack cover, but its not necessary.

I modded my strat, with a kill switch, and a neck pick-up on switch.

...i also gave it a half-ass paint job

My stratocatser

Here's a 1999 MIJ RG7620 that I refinished last Summer 2006. It used to be a Deep Red with some nasty scratches and dents. It's now a very glossy Black. My next 7-string will be an S series, Mahogany with the ZR tremolo. The Basswood body on this RG didn't provide the deep lows that I like even with the .62.

The neck took longer to finish because of the masking involved to keep the logo, etc.

I got inspired by some of the cool designs here and came up with this. It's a combo of an idea I've been toying with for a while and the EVH guitars.

...yeah it's a photoshop :P My actual guitar atm is a squier strat. That's a les paul new century by Gibson. I think my next guitar's gonna be an epiphone les paul and I'd like to customize that one as above.

And just so I'm not breaking any thread rules, here's an actual mod I did for my Strat:

Just a killswitch, help thread and another pic is here:
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From this.....
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to this....
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Gold grover locking tuners
Pickguard removal
Cream pickup rings
Gibson switch selector with cream nub
Gold plated backplates and jackplates (not visible)
60's Gibson SG goldtopped knobs
Bigsby b7g vibrato
TRIPLE EMG's N:85 M:85 B:81

all this makes for one seriously powerful Les Paul
Les Paul Black Beauty Custom 3 Pickup
Bigsby B7g vibrato
3 EMG's 85/81/85

Martin D-28
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Guitar started out as a stock 99 Ibanez GRX40 that I bought used for $100.
First mod was to install a killswitch.
Next frets 18-22 were scalloped (up to the 12th might be next mod).
Finally a GFS "Vintage '59" Alnico PAF neck humbucker was put in replacing the stock single coil (required cutting pickguard and small bit of routing) and a DPDT On-Off-On switch was installed to use as a coil split for the neck humbucker (the bridge I didn't change and it only has a 2 conducter cable so no coil splits )

Scallop close up:

Black Button is killswitch & Mini-toggle switch is coil spliter:

Total cost of mods- $50
So $150 for a great playing/sounding guitar. Sounds amazing for a guitar that price and is probably the most comfortable guitar I have ever played.
Next up for it:
Scallop frets 12-17 (giving me a half scallop).
Convert to hardtail perhaps.
Here's my custom model.

Originally it looked like this:

Now, it's like this:

I sanded the body and the headstock. Then, I applied lacquer to the body, and painted the headstock black. I also painted the pickguard black and buyed new knobs. Finally I upgraded the pickups and added a set of Fender's, finally did a decal for the headstock.

Detailed info and more pics here:
Beau, oui, comme Bowie
hey this is my first post and so I thought I'd show off my paint job I did a few months ago. This is a squier bullet I got as a gift YEARS ago and only recently have I been learning to play guitar decently and the joy of playing the instrument (I'm really a classical and jazz trombone player). I'll share details of the paint job in case anybody is curious: I sanded the clearcoat down, primed, then did a base of white, then used testor paint pens to do the design and sealed it off with automotive clear coat. Still waiting to get that thing buffed.

I plan to hopefully do another mod or two to it such as add a kill switch and some new pickups. Not bad for a first and only guitar and my playing isn't really worthy of a new guitar at the moment. So here enjoy the pics:

This is my first project guitar. I made it 2 years ago in 10th grade. its a charvel body, with custom pafs that are black (I forgot who made them) blocked trem. The only cool thing really I thought was that I wired it like tom morello, in that it has two volumes, and one can be rolled down to make a kill switch with either pickup.

Cheeze its

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Birdseye maple neck, abalone inlays, tall gold frets, vintage headstock and tuners, oak pickguard & trem cover, maples knobs, lace hot gold sensors.


pushpot 1:normal (parralel wiring)/series wiring (all three in series, neck and bridge in series)

Pushpot 2: middle pup out of phase

Rotary switch:
2-neck in
3-coil shunt
4-asymetrical clipping
5-symmetrical clipping
6-Kill switch
this is my jackson warrior

when i bought it (second hand) it was a complete wreck

new jackon neck fitted with 24 frets (had do modify body because the neck pocked was damaged)


emg 81 (neck)
emg 85 (bridge)

screams like a monster now

btw... what kind of finish should i put on my guitar? i want something awesome, because the polyurethane i bought is ****ty
My Guitars:
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I'll throw my hat into the ring too.

Okay, here's the list of parts:

Fender Output Jack
Fender Switch Tips (For 5-Way Switch)
Gibson 300kOhm Pot. Linear Taper Long Shaft (Tone)
Gibson 500kOhm Pot. Audio Taper Long Shaft (Volume)
Seymour Duncan SH-1 ‘59(Neck)
Seymour Duncan SL59-1N Little ’59 (Middle)
Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader (Bridge)
Q Parts Shell Dome Knob Black w/ Natural Abalone
Gotoh Locking Tuning Keys (Black)
Dunlop Dual Design Straplok System
Black neck plate and screws
Black Strat Jack Plate
Hipshot Baby Grand guitar bridge in black finish
Mighty Mite Fender Strat. Neck (MM2925)
Black Pick guard Material .090
3/16” Metal Black Humbucker Mounting Rings
Black Metal Mounting Ring For Single-coil Pickup
Black String Retainers
Qtr. Sawn Philippine Mahogany
Quilted Figured Maple Top ¼”
ColorTone Concentrated Vintage amber Liquid Stain
ColorTone Water base Grain Filler
ColorTone Aerosol Guitar Lacquer
ColorTone Clear sanding sealer
Preval Spray Unit
Mixing cups
Shielding Paint and Tape
Assorted sanding paper from 80 grit to 2000 grit
Buffing pads
Med. polishing compound
Fine polishing compound
Swirl Remover

My Flying V


Getting primed

Getting sprayed

After lacquer/assembly

- Faisal
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Custom Superstrat Project

Ok, so I started with some cheap second hand parts from internet (Actually the cheapest items I could find), and from that I build a guitar.

Ash Superstrat Body
21 Fret's Telecaster Maple Neck
1 80's Humbucker, of which I don't know the origin.
2 80's single coils, of which I also don't know the origin.
Strat Standard Tremolo
1 Black Dome Tone knob
1 Black Dome Volume Knob
5-way switch


(Kinda Unclear Pic, but it'll do)

The guitar delivers a suprising variety of sounds ranging from very clear tones to very bassy muddy tones it also has a suprisingly long sustain.

Still some stuff to be done on the guitar, but it already looks great!
Cort KX-Custom
Engl Powerball
Focusrite Scarlet 2i4
This is my first guitar, a cheap Strat copy from Encore.
I've changed the knobs and dials from white to black and added a black pearl scratchplate. Next will be black pick up covers.

One day I'll play like Jimmy day!