I am fixing my friend's broken headstock, so how long should I let the glue dry before I take off the clamps? I did one of these repairs before and I just left the clamps on for a week while I left for college, so what should be the earliest I even think about taking off the clamps and restringing it?
Also curious. And, did you just stick it together the best you could? Because i know the break can be kinda grainy and not match up perfectly..
depends on the glue. based on my woodwork knowledge you should leave it as long as you can-24 hours plus i would say.
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It's hard to say. Depends on the type of glue, humidity, temperature, etc. I'd leave it clamped anywhere from 8-24 hrs (usually overnight is plenty of time)...and restring after another 24 hrs.
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When using titebond I leave the clamps on for 4 hrs. This gives the glue enough time to set and hold well enough to be able to handle the movement but it's not set so much that if something slipped out of place you cant get it apart. If everything looks ok after you take the clamps off then let it sit for another 16hrs before you string your guitar. If, when the clamps are off, it doesn't look like it set correctly you need to quickly get it back apart before things are glued too solid and it becomes very difficult to undo.