ok so here's the deal id like some heavy input on this. im torn between tube amps and processors such as the axe fx. at this point im literally in the middle and dont know where i would want to start investing. this isnt something im going to buy right away but i want to work towards it. i need recommendations on anything related to this. my music will be clean to distorted, jazz to metal. think opeth or dream theater, in terms of cleans and their distorted sounds, even though opeth dont use much gain. id appreciate any input. thanks in advance
I really think the Axe FX is very cool, although I've never used it. Been wanting to try it out forever. If you do end up going that way, remember you can still have tube power amps (mesa 2:90, etc) the only thing you'd trade is the tube preamp.
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but you would also need a laptop to program it effectively with the axe fx
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hmm that laptop fact is true, i saw chris brodericks rig and while it is soooooo cool it seems complicated, or am i just being intimidated by the rack stuff? lol
If I had the money I would definitely go for high-end modeling and set of monitor speakers. All the effects and amp models I need in one unit that’s actually easy to control and no more volume worries? How can you really go wrong with that?
do both
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both does sound good, i just saw a vid of megadeths show being canceled due to crappy P.A...that scares me...lol