Hi I'm new to this site but I'm asking for advice. I haven't played guitar proper now for around 2 years but I really want to get back into it. I want to get a sort of recap book or DVD that will get me back to remembering theory and playing techniques. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want a sort of basic guide but not too basic as I've been able to read music for about 8-9 years (although again I'd need a recap) and I'm sure I'd be able to pick up playing techniques etc quite quickly once again.
Any book that is made for beginners will do really, just do all the activities and such and you should end up with all the knowledge again (but a bit faster than first time - lucky you!)


Ok thanks, would you suggest a book rather than a DVD as I've never tried a DVD before. Also I never really had a book except for one my old guitar teacher had sort of made himself (it was very good!), so would you have any suggestions of a decent book if not a DVD?
Berklee: A modern method for guitar volume 1.
It starts out with easy stuff but quickly progresses into some more challenging stuff.
Here's a link
I recommend it to a lot of my students and I've worked through it myself in the past.
Take a look at the Metal Method DVD set. It comes with tab in PDF and scorch formats, the instructor plays everything on the DVDs at different speeds, and there are some backing tracks. It also explains theory in simple terms right from the beginning so you actually know why you’re playing the stuff. It’s a good way to jump right into playing rock guitar without the distraction of methods that stray in too many directions musically. I’ve learned more from this cheap DVD set than I did out of years of expensive lessons and college music courses.
Hey thanks for your replies. I lied earlier, I have the Berklee book already from first time playing (I just can't find it!) so I think I'll stick with that for now
Thanks again
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anyway, yeah beginner stuff will do good for you. just play around with the guitar and see what you remember off the bat.