Hey dude, nice track. Definitely some real catchy bits. Loved the section about 1/4 of the way through, nice bass. Think the snare could come up a bit in the mix and the hats/snare sounded a bit mechanical, could do with messing some velocities up and maybe some new samples? But overall, really good job and guitar tone.

Would really appreciate you checking out some of my tracks if you would:
Hey man, pretty nice job!
This would sound really good with some vocals. The over all recording quality was pretty good, can't really suggest any improvements on the recording.
The guitar parts were nice. I was about to say it didnt really have many riffs, then it started getting a little riffy, so yeah, actually theres some pretty good riffs! =]
I don't quite get how this was "extreme", it just seemed to be pretty punky rock, but it was good none the less! Have you got a vocalist? If not get one!
Pretty catchy =] I could imagine seeing this at a gig

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I try so hard to get a good vocalist but dont seem to have luck on finding one : (

I cant sing on my own so I really need a singer! : I