Hey guys, So I've been playing electric guitar for a couple years now, and I think it's finally time for me to get an acoustic guitar! Now, I would normally go to my local music store, but they are all ignorant jerks with wayyyyy overpriced products. So I'm looking at some alvarez guitars on musiciansfriend, and I've settled on two. The things I am really looking for are 1.) Price is under $200 2.) Good overall sound. On my electric I play anything from pop-punk to Hardcore music, but I'm looking at going a bit "softer". So I have no clue what tone I want, just something that is a good overall beginner acoustic I guess. The two choices I have are:

Alvarez RD10


Alvarez RD110

I have no clue what the difference is between those two, other than one is $10 more. If you guys have any other suggestions, please feel free to throw them out there. I checked this site and didn't find any information on these two, and I checked that thread about good acoustics under $300, but I wasn't satisfied haha!

Thanks for the help!
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I do believe that the RD10 is an older model Alvarez that was replaced with the RD110 when the company was bought out. Alvarez as a whole make good quality guitars, but if you could get a hold of one of their older models, from my experience, it would be the better of the two guitars. Something happened with their workmanship after they were bought out, and I found a lot of their newer models to be lacking the same quality that their older ones were.

As well, don't be afraid to look at other brands such as Yamaha, they tend to be very consistent and very good quality guitars in the price range that you're looking at.

And, because it can't be said enough, it doesn't really matter what style of music you're playing, in the end. If you find a guitar that feels good and sounds right to you, then it'll work for whatever style you want it to work for.
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I'ma big fan of Alvarez. I have an RD-8 that I have decked out with bone nut and saddle and brass bridge pins and while it isn't in the same ballpark as my Taylor, I still play it now and then. I would recommend getting one and upgrading those pieces, you won't be displeased. But like the above said, don't be afraid to try Yahama and even Epiphone.

If you want something "Softer" I suggest you look into mahogany?
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Look at your local classifieds for older ones. i picked up RD8 for $100 with case included. Bought it for coworker that has fallen on hard financial times. He adores it, and I rather liked it as well.
I loves my Alvarez, very good guitar for the price.
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i have the rd 9 i am not going to lie i would prefer a martin but all in all for the type of music i like to play the alvarez is a good guitar for the price