what I mean is this:

for some guitars, especially gibson les paul studios, people say that they are hit or miss, and should try a bunch and pick the one that's right.

I haven't been to large guitar shops too many times, but as far as I know, they only keep one floor model (which they won't sell.. usually anyway) and if you decide to buy one, they give you a brand new one.

so assuming that this is right (which may not be), you won't be getting the exact guitar you try (the floor model), and they won't let you fiddle around with their brand new stocks (since that's what floor models are for)

so how do you exactly try a bunch of a same kind of guitar and pick one??

just curious cause I've never actually done this before;
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You can always request to inspect the guitar before doing any actual purchase. Just ask the saleman, they should be able to bring out a few models to let you fiddle around with them. The thing is that you must really show strong interest in buying a guitar from them.

If you really like the floor model theres absolutely no reason not to ask the store to sell it to you. You might even haggle the price down a bit since its a floor model after all.

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Larger shops, (ie. Guitar Center/Sam Ash et all) will let you carry out the model that is on the floor. That's how I purchased mine. There were 3 variations of the one that I wanted and I spent a little more than an hour playing on them, up and down the fretboard, changing knob settings, etc. If you ever go to a shop and after spending an hour of playing a guitar decide on one, and the shop tries to switch it for a new one, walk out the door and never look back.
I'm sure the shop wouldn't mind if you asked to buy the floor model if it is the "one that is right". So the only way to answer your question is, you try loads and buy the exact one you like.

The last 3 guitars I purchased (Ibanez, my old PRS SE and my LTD) were all the shop floor models and they felt right to me.

Maybe it's different for larger shops, but I dont see why they wouldnt want a brand new shiny guitar in place of a "shop soiled" one on the rack if someone wanted to take that one home.
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just slowly look upon them, first pick out like 3 u like by apperance then play on them. whichever u like the most and u play nice on i buy (first look at pricetag tho xd)
Quote by thelax

I haven't been to large guitar shops too many times, but as far as I know, they only keep one floor model (which they won't sell.. usually anyway) and if you decide to buy one, they give you a brand new one.
No shop worth half a shit will ever do this, especially with any guitar over about £500 (so certainly any Gibson). When I was shopping for mine, Andertons let me play every single Gibson they had in the store then stayed open an extra hour for me so they could go to their warehouse and bring back another three they had there for me to try. When someone is looking at dropping that much money in your shop, you give them free rein.

Never, ever, accept a guitar 'from the back'. Never buy a guitar that you haven't played first. Never judge a whole series of guitars just by the one store model you've tried; my rule is I need to play at least three of the same guitars before I give up on the model type.

As far as what to look for and how to pick out a good guitar just use your head; no rough or sprung frets, everything routed cleanly and precisely, everything installed cleanly and precisely, no glue build up, no finish build up, binding and inlays installed flat to the surface, no finish flaws, properly cut nut, it has a neck that feels the way you want, it has the tone you want, it looks how you want, etc etc etc etc etc. There is never any reason to accept second best or any flaws. Guitars aren't cheap - even the lowest quality guitars run £100+. That's a considerable chunk of money (unless you're a 14 year old prick who gets his or her parents to pay for everything, in which case **** off), let alone when you're looking at Gibsons which run £800+. There is no reason to accept any flaw, no matter how slight.
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