Hi all,
I have an ESP LTD ex-401 guitar, and I'm wondering what the factory strings on those are.
I have replaced strings a few times but none of them sound as sharp and clear as the stock ones.

Thanks in advance.
I'm pretty sure they put d'addario's on their guitars. I think thats what came on my mh400 about 1.5 years ago

I emailed customer support with the same question about my LTD MH-1000 and they got back to me within four or so days. I don't recall what brand mine were, but it definitely wasn't D'Addario -- it was some random brand of like $3 strings.

You can probably call as well: PH: 1-800-423-8388
My bandmate uses SIT strings, they seem good enough. I still prefer my Dean Markleys though...
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