Got offered to buy a japanese made squire stratacaster today at work, initially he was looking for £70 with a small practice amp, tuner etc.
However i mentioned it to someone else who then asked to look at it. he then told the seller it would be worth quite a bit more, around £200 - £250

My question is, what would make this guitar worth this much, is there a certain criteria for which models are worth something or is it just all japanese made models that are valued?

The guy said he had it since he was 21, so i am assuming it is about 10 - 15 years old.

Any advice?
It depends on the serial number, pretty much all Japanese Squiers are nice, but some are just nice while others are effing awesome and often better than American Strats, I know because I've owned one. JV, SQ and E series are the most sought after.

Get us the serial number.
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Ok, so it's a P serial or something like that. In that case, 250 pounds is a pretty high price, if I were you I'd try to get it for 200 pounds or less. It should do, especially that the guy throws in a small amp and a bunch of other stuff. Best option would be to get it for around 170 pounds with all the bonuses.
If it's a 1993 model, it's not Japanese, more then likely it's Korean. The Japanese models were made from 1982 until 88 or do and are much sought after due to the quality of the build. Especially the early 1980's models which are on par with the MIA Strats from that era.