The one that's just called "The Bridge" sounds better all together. But I like the alternate interpretation one except for the fast picking guitar in the background. That could be taken out and maybe add a chord instead that's the same note and let it ring or find a gentle strumming pattern for it. Just a suggestion.

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definately like the alternate version better, but the original is not bad by any means. Granted, they're both really short, but that's cool, you're just running concepts by us. I agree with jman007 about the picking part in the alternate. It sounds good in places, but maybe if it was buried in the mix a smidge more, it wouldn't distract from your vocals. Speaking of which, the lyrics fit the alt. version better, and I really dug some of the harmonies.

At any rate, it enjoyed both. Just gotta come up with a chorus or a refrain, maybe a bridge, and you really have something there!

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Personally I'm not a fan of the style of music, so I'll direct my remarks to the recordings themselves. I think you need to spend some time, go back, and improve your guitar tone. The tones in The Bridge were quite harsh and stuck out to my ears. Furthermore, I felt that the alternate version had far to much effect and almost ruined what was otherwise a decent start to a song. Also, I found the alternate picking to be a little annoying in places. However, you do have some solid ideas in there, so I would recomend going back and spending a bit more time reworking your songs.