I have read some reviews on the schecter acoustic and really love their electric guitars. I would just like to know more about them what they compare to in the acoustic world. Do you think its worth a buy?
In my experience with them, you can usually get a better acoustic guitar for the same price. Schecter, like Ibanez in my mind, is one of those companies that excels at making electric guitars, but isn't exactly the greatest when it comes to acoustics. For the same amount of money, you can usually get a good Yamaha, Alvarez, Blueridge, Washburn, etc. All of, usually, higher quality and playability.

But in the end, if a Schecter acoustic just feels and sounds right to you, then it might be a good guitar for you.
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Schecter makes acoustics?

Yeah I wasnt aware of this till lately either. Nice looking guitars but I am yet to try one out to see.