Lots of energy!!! Come check it out in action!!!


June 4th @ 7:00pm, Club Khaos in Amarillo, TX
June 5th @ 6:00pm, Lizard Lounge in Witchita, KS
June 8th @ 6:00pm, The Marquee in Tulsa, OK
June 10th @ 6:00pm, The Blue Goat in Salina, KS
June 11th @ 7:00pm, Aftershock in Shawnee, KS
June 12th @ 7:00pm, 1st Ave Live in Cedar Rapids, IA
June 14th @ 7:00pm, The Rock in Minneapolis, MN
June 16th @ 6:00pm, Reggie's in Chicago, IL
June 18th @ 6:00pm, The Underground in Sandusky, OH
June 19th @ 7:00pm, Blondies in Detroit, MI
June 23rd @ 8:00pm, Webster Hall in New York, NY
June 25th @ 7:00pm, Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DE
June 26th @ 8:00pm, Wings in Chesapeake Bay, VA
June 29th @ 8:00pm, The World Famous Milestone in Charlotte, NC
June 30th @ 8:00pm, The Local in Marietta, GA

July 2nd @ 8:00pm, Encore in Austin, TX
July 3rd @ 7:00pm, Prophet Bar in Dallas, TX
July 4th @ 4:00pm, BFE Rock Club in Houston, TX
July 17th @ 4:00pm, Red Eye Bar & Casino in Sioux Falls, SD
July 22nd @ 9:00pm, Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach, CA
July 24th @ 10:00pm, Poor Kids Radio Worldwide Live in Los Angeles, CA
July 26th @ 8:00pm, Trip Nightclub in Santa Monica, CA <--- (Free Show)

ESP Horizon FR-II
ESP Horizon NT-II
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Schecter C-1 Apocalypse
Schecter C-1 Blackhawk
Schecter C-1 Exotic
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Schecter C-1 Gryphon
Schecter C-1 Propaganda
you guys are pretty good im friends with shane i think he helps set up your guyses shows