Hi I Wanted to ask how good are the AVT Marshall Amplifiers, and whats the best of this serie?

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they actually aren't that bad

not the best but for the money(most of them are about 200_300$ now) they are great amps
I had the AVT 2000 combo. Didn't care for it too much, the distortion channel wasn't my fancy. Look for other amps in the same price range.
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This guy uses one, the AVT50X.

His tone isn't too bad, it's not the best though.

Here's another guy:

I actually like his tone. As you can see in the comments, I asked him what he used. It's one of the best solid states I've heard. I kind of want to get a used one for kicks.

Though he is running it through a Mesa cab, and has some nice pickups (D-Activators), so those may help his tone a bit.
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I have a Marshall AVT50, and I think it's a great amp. It gets some great bluesy tone with the gain at about 10 o'clock, as well as some good heavy distortion. The cleans ain't so bad either. If you get it for the right price, I think it is a hell of an amp.
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I have a marshall AVT 50h Head with a Randall Cabinet, and to me it's got a very exceptional tone for a hybrid amp.

The reverb is nice, Clean channel is decent, and The OD will be suitable for some.

I like mine very much, it deff. was an upgrade of what I had before.
I have a AVT150H head and a 1960A reissue cabinet. Overdrive channel is sweet, particularly with a Les Paul. Full distortion channels are a bit thrashy, but backing off the gain provides a fat lead tone.

Certainly not the best Marshall head goign around, but I bought it for it's versatility (4 channels) and it has served me well through 8 years of gigging.
Marshall AVTs are fairly good amps, that is when you replace the speaker or use an external speaker cab (for the combos of course). I used to own one way back when, and I noticed a HUGE difference in tone when I started running it through a Mesa 112 speaker. It didn't sound amazing, but it did sound pretty good. Im sure the heads cant be to much worse.
They aren't bad. I've had no problems with mine. Play them first to make sure that's what you want though, cause there are better out there for the money (I was limited by the need for a headphone output by my rents unfortunately ).
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I just got one a few months ago, and from what I've used it for so far it's been a pretty good amp. Sure, it's not the best thing ever, but it gets the job done. (in sig)
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Despite all the review in this thread.....

I play out of a Marshal AVT50 1x10 Combo. I got it from a good friend for $100. I changed the single preamp tube to a Mesa 12ax7, this made the tone much bright and warmer. Much clearer. With my Ibanez TS9 in front of it, it actually sounds pretty decent imo. I'd say with the tubescreamer in front of it, it will sound as good if not better than any JCM2000. Obviously not gonna compare to a 900 or 800. The reverb ain't bad either.

The clean channel is where this thing really shines. Honestly one of the best clean channels i've ever played, almost Fender like. The overdrive is okay, not too gainy, and it starts to get a bit muddy when the gain is past about 7. But with the tubescreamer that kind of balances that out.

It does have a decent marshall tone. Not dead on, but really not as far off as you may think. And i'm not a noob, i've played 5150's, 6505's, jcm 800, 900, mesa triple rec, etc. etc. etc. So i'd say I have a pretty decent idea of what kind of tone I want.

Mine also came with a footswitch. For the price I got it for, i'd say its a pretty decent amp, and it's done everything i've asked of it. It sometimes makes a humming noise when I turn it on but once it warms up it quiets. This amp would be a significant step up from someone using an Marshall MG, or a regular solid state amp.