Hi I Wanted to ask how good are the AVT Marshall Amplifiers, and whats the best of this serie?
I've got one and haven't really had a problem with it. Its not brilliant, but its alright considering the money.
not very
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my first head was an AVT150H - it worked for me as a beginner when i didn't really know better - the amplifier chips in it got fried from a friend mismatching the cabinet load on it so i got a used 5150 and never looked back… at least for a few years…

i never got rid of the "fried" avt150h and i've gotten a lot better at fixing that sort of thing, so i repaired it myself and it works perfectly now - i think the acoustic sim on it sounds pretty nice, the cleans are very clean (but not nice and warm like good tube amps) the OD channels (2) definitely leave something to be desired, but some people can get by with it (i still play around with it in my room just to remind myself of the sound, which i must say surprises me every time in how its never as "bad" as i thought it was)

bottom line:

a fair amp, not good, not great… fair… reliable since its solid state power, has onboard/footswitchable effects - can get a good "room" sound, but miserable recorded/live IMO

for the money, i'f go somewhere else or go used...
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not very

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It was my second amp (during my high school years) and I had the AVT50 halfstack. I always liked the way it look/sounded better than the MG series. I used it live several times (at my first gig too, Whisky-a-go-go on Sunset!) and it got the job done.

However, I have since gone to the tube side and never looked back....
yerh for a first amp its good better than the MG but still doesnt do that marshall crunchy tone people want
or atleast not very well
if you get it used its actually pretty good buy as i've seen the avt 50heads go for £80
They aren't great...but there is definitely worse amps out there for what you can pick up a used AVT for. I still have my AVT50 head as a backup.