I was thinking about building an ax84 high octane amp down the road, and in its default configuration it uses an EL84 output mode in a single ended class A configuration. This produces 5 watts, which for me is too much - if I am wanting to overload the output section, for say, classic rock. It is fine for metal and such where I would want the preamp to be creating the distortion.

I found an options guide http://www.ax84.com/p1/AX84_P1_Options_080410.pdf on the website, and they show you how to wire up a 6n1p triode. Wiring up half would give about .5 clean watts, which *for me* would still be too loud, because that would be over 90dB at one meter with my current 12" speaker.

Does anyone know of a suitable tube that would put out 1/8 watt or less in that configuration?


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You can decrease the maximum output of any tube in any circuit quickly and easily by decreasing the power supply voltage or changing the load impedance. It makes little sense to look for special-use tubes to accomplish the same thing that's possible through simple design choices.
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