Is £300 a decent offer for a Trace Elliot Series 6 GP12? I've looked online and seen nothing on the amp so some info on pricing and the amp would be great!
I havent looked at Trace Elliot bass amps for ages but what I will tell you is that they are one of the often overlooked bass amp manufacturers.

The GP12 was the one with all the bells and whistles, 12 band eq, effects loop, rated at 200W I think. Yes there are amps rated higher but trust me, 200W of Trace Elliot is far better, louder and did I say better? than 300W+ of anything else.

I think 300 is a little high but it depends on the combo, if its a 4x10, obvs worth more than a 2x10 version. I remember when I was looking for a new amp a couple of years ago, I was looking to spend about 180, Traces GP7/12 4x10 combos went for like 200-250. In the end I bought an Ashdown MAG300 4x10 (kind of the sister amp of the TE Series 6 amps but made in China and of poorer quality) for 180.

Depending on condition, I'd offer 250 for a 4x10 combo version and try to haggle but if you like the amp when you play through it (and you probably will) I dont think 300 is a bad price. You'd pay far more than that for a brand new amp of comparable quality and sound.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask for more info.

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