Hi, what amp/cab and pedal should I look for, I play death metal in low tuning (drop A) with a LTD mh-401 and I will start jamming with a band so I need an amp that have enough power to play with a loud drummer and another guitarist (I never played with a real amp, I only used amplitube metal). My budjet is 800$.

you can get a used peavey 6505 for that much, amazing amp. although it will cost you a bit more because of getting the speaker cabinet, but it is definitely worth it

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First off i'd like to say "great guitar". Secondly I think maybe a Line 6 would do the trick. Maybe add a few distortion pedals for an extra kick
Before the Line 6 hate, just wanna point out the Valve series are worth looking into, especially the newer ones (all tube). They're pretty cool and have a lot of versatility.

Also, I just noticed Randall has a T2 combo out that's within your budget. I like the T2 head and the combo seems worth looking into. It's a hybrid though so I dunno how it will take to other pedals like overdrive/ distortion.
Used Peavey 6505 or 5150 2x12. A new 6505 1x12 (chinese built, not as great as quality but have heard good things. Bugera 6262, 333xl. If you choose to get a head of any of these above check out the Avatar 2x12, It's a great sturdy built budget cab from Avatarspeakers.com
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Thanks, but I heard that the line 6 were total crap. Also, I went to a local shitty guitar store and the tech. told me that I ABSOLUTELY need an half stack Heand+4x12 cab to play death metal with a band. Do you think that a 2x12 combo is good enough?
Line 6 isn't total crap, there's a bandwagon against them. The Vetta, Flextone, Valves and HD147 are solid and flexible amps and do exactly what they're said to. People just jump on without ever trying them, kinda funny really.

You don't actually need a half stack, it may help though and some combos may not have the projection you'd need. A 2x12 should be fine though. I run my head through a 2x12 cab and have never had an issue.
Hey, look for some Randall amps, these will blow your mind.
These amps are great for all sorts of metal.
My friend had one and it almost took his shed down.
If you want teh half stack, you could get an Ampeg VH-140 used, and still have enough monies left over to get a decent cab?
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A lot of great suggestions!

Are you looking for new or used?

PV 6505 will give you GREAT power (with great power comes great responsiblity!) and allow you to craft a couple sounds that fit your guitar and your music.

I like the Ampeg VH-140 as well. you can get a good, chunky sound out of it.

These are both amps that I have played and sold while working in a music store.

If you're looking for used, you can almost always find a Crate Blue VooDoo (the only good guitar amp they ever made imo).

As for the Line 6, my primary stage and recording amp right now is a HD 100 MKII. The thing is rediculous. I can get any sound I want out of it. Adjustments have to be made depending on how loud I go and what effects I'm throwing in, but that just added to the customizability of the head. You should be able to find a used HD 100 MK I for under $700.
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I like the Ampeg VH-140 as well. you can get a good, chunky sound out of it.

Suprisingly versatile too, especially considering the gain control on the 'clean' channel. Its got teh effect loopers 2! Reverb sounds fantastic. And better yet, it's stereo, so you could get two vertical 2x12, both sides of stage, and have a very very massive tone.
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As has been said, Ampeg VH140 sounds like the right kind of amp for you.
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Thanks for the amp suggestion but what kind of cab should I be looking for, can I find something good for 800$, I mean Head+Cab = 800$ budjet.
Have you looked at the Bugera 6262 2x12 combo? It is loud with massive gain. A lot of people seem to like them a lot. It would be in your price range.
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