Well ive got into guitar alot recently and im still using a starter amp (cheap kit one) with my epip. les paul std II.

So im looking for a new amp. my budget is £100 (can go £150 if needed) I know its not much but I dont have loads to spend and ive been playing 2-3 months.

The style i play is mainly metal right now however really i like alot, from Avenged sevenfold to maiden to rise against so really i cant say there is a main style i play..

I was recomended a line 6 spider IV 15w as its only a practice amp however im hearing alot of people say that line 6's are crap etc. so im wondering whats your opinion on the best amp.
yeah the line 6 sounds very digital imo. i would go with the peavey vypyr 15. i have the 30 and its awesome. the 15 is only £95