I'm not too familiar with guitar pickups and how exactly they work, but I have a Hagstrom Ultra Swede and it has a coil tap that splits the humbuckers into a single coil. So my question is, are all humbuckers able to be split or do you need a specific type of pickup that allows for coil tapping?

And another question, what kind of pickups would you recommend for an 80s metal sound?
not all pickups are able to be done but alott of them are most dimazios and duncans can
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thats good to know. Do you have to wire them differently when being installed? Not that I would know how to do it, i'm just curious.

And on a side note, how much would an average tech charge to install new pickups?
You need a 4 conductor pickup, and some kind of switch to split the pickups, usually a push/pull pot.