Please excuse the ending. I locked the door of my room when I was recording and my dad doesn't like it when I do that.

I'm just average at writing riffs, but I think this is ok for that level. And I am also confused about what genre the song is; I think it might be some kind of groove and nu-metal mix. So maybe you music experts can try figure it out for me, that will be well appreciated.

The midi drums were made with Acoustica Mixcraft 5.0. For now, there is no bass(still writing a part for it). I might try rapcore vocals to add a punk/rap sound but that will be much later.
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great song man, you should extend it and add lyrics because that would make a great song
Pretty good. I found myself headbaging towards the middle, looked to make sure no one was watching, and went right back to it. You delivered exactly what your title said: simple, uncomplicated riffage. Pretty good stuff. Extend it some and see what happens.

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