RG 1570 in black. Not mint but in very good condition. Neon green DiMarzios get compliments like crazy and stand out from all the other black metal guitars. Got the awesome Breed in the bridge and Steve's Special in the neck. Case and tools included. The case is scuffed here and there from gigging but it is sound and the interior is mint. This is (was) my main 6'er and it plays and sounds as good as any guitar I've ever touched even at 3 times the price. My band is switching to 7 strings exclusively and I need to make room for a new 7 as much as it breaks my heart. $750 you pay the shipping. U.S. and Canada only please.

7 string Legion 7 > 6 Do mosh pits warm your heart? Then become a SECOND RATE CITIZEN.....better than the worst!