Hi! I got a bit of a thrill when Alan Parsons answered a question of mine on a music related forum yesterday:


He is most famous for his hit songs with Alan Parsons Project and being the sound engineer for Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". He's also worked with the Beatles. Here are some more of his credits:


I think he's still taking questions. I can't say your tune reminds me of Pink Floyd, but it's a good song! Vocals are very good. I can't help wonder if a normal mp3 would sound much better than a youtube video. Your guitar playing is quite good. I guess my biggest gripe would be to get the general audio quality better, but otherwise you have a very good song! Are you from the USA?
Sweet, thanks for commenting! I've been looking into these gearslutz forums a while ago, some mighty well-known engineers hanging out there! :-D

The sound quality was crippled a bit indeed, but then I "mastered" (or rather "limited the sh!t out of" ;-)) it an a bit of a hurry, so it might be that!

I'm from Switzerland, Europe.
Very good song indeed, didn't remind me much of Pnik floyd though. I liked your vocal style and the simplistic, yet proggish style you had. Did you really use a nylon stringer? woah...
The outro was great, dude! Kind of reminded me of Muse a slight bit. It was a bit short though. The recording quality was decent.

Great work!
9 of 10.

C4C? I have a song on my profile called "Noctivagation"; leave the crit as a comment there if you've got time.
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Sounding nice man , good melodic style you got there, I like the reverb effect and the solo at the end is pretty cool as well. Keep up the good work mann x
Sounds good, you can sing! ;O Have you used voice pitch? What are the drumms recorded with? I like it, its indeed pink floyd inspired and that is GOOD! Like the bends you are pulling of, maybe slow down the vibrato and make it a little wider Or maybe not just my taste