is any1 in or about the glasgow area heading to download, if so how the hell are you getting there. my bus just got cancelled, and i have to get there somehow... need ideas. or even better... if any1 is specifically from greenock, or glasgow, and are running a bus with space available, let me know please !!!
It may be expensive but you could possibly take a train or even get a flight. Or try to ask someone you know for a lift.
well i aint going but:

cross country train to birmingham new street??? then get on a train from birmingham to derby and get the shuttle

Only problem is it is going to be VERY expensive.
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I got a flight last time I went, was about 70 quid return I think. But that was way in advance.

Edit: Your gonna end up spending a tonne of money on booze and food anyway so you might as well splash out on a plane ticket, I think we went to east midlands and then just walked it. Although the walk ****ing sucked so the shuttle may be better.
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Might be expensive, but the East Midlands airport is right next to Donnington Park
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how shitty download is for me, I lived in the area years ago about 10-20 minutes away by car,but that was when i wasn't into Metal or rock now I live in France and im a Metal head... life really is ironic
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