everyone tells i need to adjust the solos to another key but this seems pretty hard because i dont know what scale they are using or in what position
I think people are tending to not answer to this thread because your presenting a problem that you hold a solution to.

Take the solo you know and study:

-The Key

-The position of the Key

-The Key's Relative minor

Don't Know the Key? Figure it out! You most likely have no clue as to what notes are in what key so what you need to do is research.

None of us can help you with that.


Good Luck and God Speed
Take phrases/licks you like from those solos and adapt them to use in your own playing. A way I like doing that is to find a phrase I like and to come up with an answering phrase to it - so its all mine, but inspired by and in the style of the one I liked.