I plan on getting an Ibanez S570 soon, but before I do there's a few questions that I have:
1) According to Ibanez, the ZR tremelo can stay in tune even after a string has broken, to an acceptable level because of the ZPS system. If that's the case, is it possible to tune to drop d without the other strings going out of tune?
2)Can you block a ZR tremelo?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.
To tune to drop D, you'd still have to unlock the nut, tune, then re-lock the nut.From there, I don't know what would happen. I'm getting pretty much the same guitar soon though, so we're on the same boat.

From what I've read, you can block it. A triple A (AAA) battery works perfect according to this guy http://www.jemsite.com/forums/f21/zr-tremolo-setup-guide-picstory-tons-of-pics-zrtremolo-48897.html

But the space is apparently smaller than most floating trems.

That's about all I know, I'm sure iother people have better answers.

excuse my noobishness. I'm pretty sure you have to block in from in cavity, which you'd have to cut some wood to the exact size, and I believe I've seen a picture of this. I think the AAA is just for keeping it from falling back when changing strings.
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Thanks for directing me to that site, it actually answered a lot of my other questions that I had.

I still want to know if you can block a ZR tremolo, though. By blocking, I mean blocking it so that it can act like a hardtail guitar.
I'm pretty sure you can get a tremel-no, and it'll block the trem. I don't know much about this though, but check them out.
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Quote by ibanezgod1973
^ what?

just turn the thumbwheel to lock the trem

Can you go into more detail?

I'm aware of how to block a regular floyd rose tremolo, but I want to know if the same thing applies to the ZR, since the body is much thinner, and the ZR is a different design.
Quote by AWACS
I'm pretty sure you can get a tremel-no, and it'll block the trem. I don't know much about this though, but check them out.
Tremol-no sucks, and with the ZR it just won't work.

Quote by ibanezgod1973
just turn the thumbwheel to lock the trem
How's increasing/decreasing the spring tension it going to "lock" it?

Anyways, the ZR does not have any built-in mechanisms to block it. You'd have to do it the old-fashioned way, by sticking shit into the trem cavity.
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