Hi, I've been struggling with this for about a week, i finally got the kill pot to work in the volume pot position but got a horrible buzz, pretty much drowned out the guitar sound so now I've remove it and put the original volume pot in. I took the tone pot out and replaced that with the kill pot I've wired it up as shown in the diagram and it does nothing, doesn't work as a pot doesn't kill when i push it down, I've tried switching it a bit but no luck there.Oh and the buzz is still there but I assume that's because its wired incorrectly.

Here's the wiring diagram provided(4th page):

My guitar is a Silvertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse Pro (1 Volume, 1 Tone)
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
the buzz sounds like a bad ground and that diagram is annoying to look at post a pic of how you wired it for better help plz
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i have checked the ground but i will check it again, when i do i'll get u some pictures too, thanks for helpin
Holy huge pics Batman!
resize those pictures!
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hope these are better
A) This belongs in the Wiring Thread after this post, we can continue it in there. There is a link in the Essential Links thread stickied to the top of GB&C.

B) Wire the normal 3 pot lugs like a normal tone,
1) Guitar IN
2) Capacitor, the other end is grounded
3) Blank

Then the other two lugs are a momentary switch, attach your hot to one and ground the other.


Thanks man got it workin now, loving it. Sorry bout postin in the wrong thread didn't realise