Hey Guys

Ok, heres the situation: I have a marshall valvestate 8080 which has a clean/crunch channel and and a od1/od2 channel. It comes with a channel and reverb footswitch.

Is it possible to get a footswitch that could change between od1 and od2 rather than clean/crunch to overdrive1/2?

If so, how?

Thanks for your help guys
possible, would need schematic though... most likely the channel switch controls a relay, and the reverb switch just grounds, so i'm guessing the cable that connects the footswitch is a TRS Stereo cable?
You would have to figure out how the cleancrunch and overdrives are connected to the input.

After doing that take the cleancrunch wires out and put one of the od's where those two were.

hmm thats kinda confusing but i hope u know what i mean