I bought a vypyr 75 today. I was using GTR solos free trial, but it ran out, so it was buy that or get a descent amp. So far im likin the amp for the price. If i had the kinda money i woulda bought tube, but since I cant afford that right now, i settled for this. Anyhow, was readin some reviews bout the blue marvel 12" that comes in it. Some seem bad. Any reasonable speaker thatd be versatile at a good price. Not lookin to buy some bada$$ speaker, lol. Any of you played this and think it needs an upgrade? I mean to me it sounds ok @ lower volumes, I havent LAID into it yet tho.
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How much are you looking to spend, and what kind of music do you play?

If you can afford a vintage 30, throw that in.
hmmm maybe not as much as a 30. Was hopin somewhere 75ish. Far as music, i do a lil bit of everything, lol. Mainly how i feel at the time. So was lookin for versatile as well. Obviously i dont expect it to do everything great for the price, lol. Just an upgrade. If I wont find a speaker for that price that is an upgrade over the marvel, then I guess I will just leave it in there. I am not familiar with allll the diff speakers out there, why i was lookin for some insight!
why not go with Eminence, there more American Voiced as opposed to Celestion which is more British voiced but each carries there own line of American and British voiced. Eminence has some 12'' speakers that are rated at 150 watts such as the Texas Heat and Swamp Thang, Texas Heat is 69.99 USD and the Swamp Thang is about 90 USD but just check out there line, they have some sample clips that you can listen to to get an idea on how each speaker sounds.
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