I own an ESP LTD EC-1000 and recently changed the strings. Since changing the strings i'm getting fret buzz on the low E String at the 15th fret..and ONLY the 15th fret. I already raised the bridge and i don't want to raise it anymore because the action would be too high. I'm assuming a truss rod adjustment would solve the problem (correct me if i'm wrong). Before i try adjusting the truss rod, however, I need to know if it would affect my intonation? So will it?
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No it wouldn't fix it. It will just get your neck and intonation get messed up. If it's that important try sanding the 16th fret a LITTLE bit with some sandpaper as well as the 17th. maybe 18th
truthfully changing strings shouldn't have adversely affected the neck of your guitar too badly, I suggest you first check the neck relief of the guitar. as for the truss rod adjustment itself it shouldn't be to difficult.
And intonating with a tune-o-matic bridge is also a breeze so that shouldn't be to hard either. If you have just changed the strings I say you either stretch them out by hand or let hem sit on the guitar occasionally tuning it so the strings can stretch out on the guitar.
If there is still a problem maybe give the truss a quarter turn at most I dont actualy have your guitar so I cant be fully sure.
If you dont feel comfortable you may want to take it to a person who does set ups. Good luck. the issue could also be that a fret needs to be filed down
another thing that can warp guitar necks is radical changes in humidity but I doubt that the problem.