Hello Ug. SIlly question here: I was wondering if it was possible (but more importantly safe) to connect a line 6 spider 3 combo amp to a cab via its record/headphone out. I currently do not use my Line 6 anymore a si have upgraded to a Mesa but i though it would be funny to try (providing it donst damage either cab or amp)

Any input would be great.

On most amps theres a speaker out in the back. I'm not sure but it's a safe bet that the speaker out is safer then headphone out since that's what it's made for
i use my 150W through a marshall cab at the studio and its fine but thats through the outputs at the back. the headphone jack sounds shite but i dunno how well it would work :/

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The problem with using a line out at the bakc is there is none on the 120watt combo :P hence why i asked if it would work. but i dont want to damage the amp or cab trying as i need the cab and may sell the line 6 later on
So this wont make my amp or cab explode will it? I was plunning onpluging it into a Randal 2x12 cab rated to handel 130watts.

EDIT: 160watts not 130.
Well the headphone/direct out will have next to no power. Hooking a cab probably wont blow anything up but dont expect any volume.