hey all here's my latest piece

it's still rough around the edges (missing drums) so i need some fresh ears to give me some feedback

c4c as always

I like it! Really nice work. The intro riff sets a chaotic mood that continues throughout the song, but I didn't think riff 2 really fit in there at all. I think you should just skip to riff 3 and put 2 somewhere else, since riff 3 was a variant of riff 1. The piano part was pretty neat, and I really liked the drums in the next riff 1 variant. One of my favorite parts was at bar 43 when you did the broken up rhythm. The clean part was pretty solid, but once again, I didn't think part 4 was necessary. The beginning of the solo was a bit cheesy, but pleasant nonetheless. Than at bar 112 you once again dive into that chaotic part of the song. The ending is pretty cool, especially with the choir. All in all, nice job. A few things I think were completely unneeded and some parts sound a bit unpolished, but like you said, it's still rough around the edges. Can you crit the "into the sunset" thing in my sig?
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